What's the best way to promote my story?

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Want to get your story out there but don't know how? You've come to the right place! Read below to learn more on how you can promote your story.

Want to get your story out there but don't know how? You've come to the right place! Read below to learn more on how you can promote your story

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On Wattpad

Here are some tips to get Wattpadders to read your story:

Use short catchy titles. Titles that are too long will give away the whole story, and will be less likely to entice Wattpadders to read your work. A shorter title is best, but including an extra snippet of information at the end of your title can increase the odds readers will choose your story.  Whether it's something along the lines of - (Completed) [Watty's 2016] {Star Wars Fan Fic} - it really does help.

Be sure to include a synopsis or blurb. This is your reader's first entry into your story.

Don't forget to add tags to your story.  Most Wattpaders search for stories using tags.  By including key words to identify your story's sub-genres and other identifying elements, you'll make sure your story pops up in their search.  Without them, your story is invisible.

Have an eye-catching cover. An attractive cover is necessary if you want to grab a reader's attention.

Keep chapters shorter rather than longer. Remember most Wattpadders are on mobile devices and read on-the-go. They probably won't be able to get through a super long chapter.

End on a cliffhanger. Keep your readers guessing so they'll keep reading.

Serialize. Post chapters once or more a week. The best bet is to maintain a regular posting schedule so your readers know when to check for a new chapter. If you're transparent about your schedule, your readers know what to expect, and you'll have a better chance of keeping them reading. In the story description, for example, you could say "New chapters every Friday!".

Include author's notes. Talk to your readers in the text of the story, preferably at the beginning or the end of a chapter, not in the middle. Remind them to vote and comment on each chapter, share a little about your writing process, and ask open-ended questions to start a discussion in comments. The more you reach out to your readers on a personal level, the more likely they are to enter into a conversation with you - and give you that feedback you're so anxious to have.

Keep writing.  Remember that readers are looking for a story to read.  Posting a chapter or two and then waiting for them to find you is not going to work.  Your best bet for getting them to take a chance on your story is to continue updating until it's completed.  Most stories that are added to reading lists have at least 16 chapters or more, or are marked as completed.

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