Chapter 33

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I woke up today late for school. I quickly had a shower and got ready in black shorts and a white top. When i was done I ran downstairs to see Cristian sitting there in the kitchen.

"Oh thank god. Can you take me to school" I asked and he smirked

"No" he said

"Oh please. Cristian i'm late" I said just as Megan came into the room.

"Megan can you tell cristian to take me to school please. I'm late" I said to Megan and she went behind cristian and slapped him on the head.

"Take her to school. Now" Megan said to him and he stood up.

"Come on then" he said and walked out the kitchen.

"Bye" I said to megan and ran after Cristian. We sat in the car and he drove off to school. He dropped me off and I said bye and then ran inside the school.

My first class was food tech and I ran inside and the teacher stopped talking.
"Ok liya. Come on in quickly" Miss Ashton said and I quickly went and sat at the back with brandon.

"Right so as I was saying they will be a project. And the project is to make a sweet dessert. It can be anything you choose. And I have picked your partners out for you" she said and we all nodded some people even groaned.

"Right so look on the board who your partners are. And I have made sure that each partner is a boy and girl. So I want the boys to stand up and stand in a line and when you see your partner thats who you will be with. Okay so lets get started" Miss Ashton said and went to the computer.

She put our partners up on the board and I looked to see I was with someone called Issac.

"And lastly Liya and Issac" Miss Ashton said and a hot nerd came and walked towards my table and sat down next to me.

"So i want you to decide how your going to do this project" she said and I turned issac.

"Hi i'm Liya" I said to him

"I know" he said

"Oh okay. So what are we going to make" I asked just as the bell went and he walked out.

What the hell i thought and got up and went to my next class.

It was lunch now and I went inside the cafeteria and bought a sandwich and a water bottle and sat down on carlos lots table.

"Hey guys" I said to everyone

"Hey rose" Carlos said

Just then I saw Issac walking and I got up and ran to his table.

"Hey Issac" I said sitting down next to him and his friend.

"Hi Liya" he said and I turned to his friend.

"Whats your name" I asked him.

" Axel" he said and i nodded

"Nice name. Anyways you can come to my house today for the project" I said looking at Issac.

"Okay." He said and I nodded and then got up and went back to my table.

"Where did you go" Carlos asked me

"Project" I said and he was confused but nodded.

School had finished and instead of going home with Carlos I went with Issac in his black BMW. When we got there I went inside with him and went to the kitchen.

"What are we going to make" I asked him and got a recipe book out of a drawer.

"Lets look through this" I said to him and he nodded.

"Hmmmm. How about we make a normal vanilla cake for a try" he said and I smiled.

"Thats the longest you talked to me" I said and he nodded.

"Well lets get started" he said and I nodded

While me and issac made the cake we were talking.

"So what don't you talk much" I asked

"I'm a very closed off person. I trust people hard" he said and I nodded

"Well you can trust me. So do you have a girlfriend" I asked and he shook his head

"No. Your carlos's girlfriend right" he asked and I shook my head.

"No" I said and he looked at me after putting the cake in the oven.

"Everyone in school says that you two are dating" he said

"I wouldn't date someone i don't know well enough." I said and he nodded

"True" he said making buttercream

"Have you ever dated anyone" I asked and he nodded

"Once. Big mistake" he said

"Oh really. I made a big mistake once as well. Jake. Left him behind after I moved" i said and he started chuckling

"Left him behind. Do you have a memory loss or something" he said laughing at me

"Why are you laughing and yeh i do" i said confused

"Oh shit you do. No wonder you weren't in school for a week. Didn't anyone tell you that Jake came back and you dated him once again. Didn't anyone tell you?" He asked and I shook my head

"No" I said and he nodded

"Its okay. And lets get this cake out" Issac said


"Bye Issac. See you tomorrow" I said to him and closed the door

"Who was that" Carlos asked behind me

"My friend." I said and pushed past him and walked upstairs to my room. I laid in my bed just as Carlos came in.

"What happened rose" he asked and laid down next to me

"How come you didn't tell me i dated Jake" I asked and he sighed

"You didn't believe me when i said you dated me then why would you believe that" he said and wrapped an arm around and turned me around.

"I'm sorry" he said kissing my neck

"Carlos stop" I said and closed my eyes because my head started hurting.

I had flashbacks of someone kissing me but the face was blury.

"Ok. Good night" he said putting the covers on us.

"No your not sleeping with me" I said to him and he sighed and got up and left my room.

I just want to be normal and remember everything
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