I felt like a dick. A total dick. When I saw how destroyed she look, how her cheeks were damp with the never-ending stream of tears, how her voice held so much agony, I felt like the shittiest person alive. If I can go back and punch myself for the torture I've cost this girl and prevent it all from happening, I would. She didn't deserve my anger, I just thought that we finally got her to be herself but she just hid away. One moment her eyes were ablaze and her aura was confident, she belonged in that pedestal, she was meant to shine. But the next moment, fear flashed in her eyes and she cowered away from her talent, she let it go as if it was nothing, as if my sister and I don't bust our ass to reach her level of performance and talent. And it just pissed me off, but I have not right to assume that everyone's lives are perfect, because even the happiest people in the world have dark corners.

Now I'm after her, trying to apologize to her because I truly did feel guilty for the pain I caused her. Her cold shoulder is colder than Antartica, she won't let me talk to her and it drives me mad. I've never felt like this before and it pissed me off because it's all my fault. I should have just left her alone from the beginning. That's all she's done, push me away. But I didn't and I won't start now. Her brother tells me to give her space but I know I fucked up big time.

I just want to make sure she's ok. Even if that stubborn princess doesn't belong with me... I've grown to care for her.

Right now I'm on my way to the music room. I need some time to breathe and distress and the best way to do it is to play. Maybe I could get her off my mind by working on some lyrics. 

I licked my lips and strummed a few cords on my bass. And I let my mind take me, I let the words flow out of my mouth.

'It's the look in her eyes, 

 it's the fire in her spirt

it's the way she smiles that has me feeling

out of my mind

locked in this never-ending high

I carelessly write the words and notes down in my pad, quickly going back to the word vomit that has started.

'I try to run 

But the roads lead back to you

I try to escape

But my heart begs me to stay

And I don't know why

I'm locked in this never-ending high'

I look down at the pad, writing down the last few notes, only to see who I really was writing about. I let out a sigh as I rub my face. 

Of course, it would be her. 

The soft melody of a song bled through the walls distracting me from my thoughts. I got up and walked to the adjoint door from the music room to the dance studio. 

I was so lost in the song that I didn't even notice that someone was next door. My cheeks flushed a little at the thought of someone hearing me in such an intimate moment. 

I opened the door slowly and instantly heard her first. Rosy was there, lost as well singing and dancing along. I noticed the soft depressing voice in the background that was overshadowed by her voice. I watched captivated by the delicate movements. She danced with so much pain, a beautiful sadness. 

And I just stood there. I watched her dance her pain away, I watch her release her sadness, and I watched how she slowly brought her walls back up as the song ended.

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