Chapter 32

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Today was the day i go to school again. I had a shower and got changed.(outfit on side). When i was done i got my black bag and went downstairs to the kitchen where mom was making bacon.

"Morning" i said

"Morning sweetie. Do you want breakfast" she asked and i nodded

I ate my food and then went outside and sat on the step.

Skylar is meant to pick me up because i can't drive yet and plus my car is getting fixed.

Just then skylar's car came in my drive way and i sat in it.

"Hey liya how are you now" she asked and started driving.

"I'm good. Have i missed out of anything" i asked and she shook her head

"Well no not really" she said as she parked the car in the schools car park. We got out and everyone was staring at me.

"Was i this famous in school before" i asked skylar and she laughed.

"God you don't even know half of it. Now come on lets go" she said helping in walk to class.


It was lunch now and i wasn't hungry so i just bought an apple and a water bottle and then walked with skylar towards the back where carlos lot were sat.

"Hey guys" i said and sat down next to carlos.

"Hey liya how are you" jorden asked

"Good" i said and he nodded.

Everyone started talking as a guy walked up towards me.

"Hey liya. I heard what happened. Are you okay" he asked and i looked at him confused

"I'm okay but sorry who are you" i asked

"What you don't know me. Come on stop joking around" he said chuckling

"Brandon. Rose has amnesia. She doesn't remember some things" skylar said to this brandon guy.

"Oh. Okay then anyway i hope you get better. See ya around" he said and walked away.

"Who was he. He was kind of cute" i asked everyone and carlos held my hand.

"That was brandon. A football jock" skylar said.

"Oh." I said nodding

School was over and i went home with skylar. When i got there i said bye to skylar and went inside to see mom coming downstairs.

"Hey sweetie how was school" she asked

"It was okay" i said and she nodded

"Me and your dad will be going now. Its time for our flight" she said and hugged me as dad came out the kitchen.

"You ready" dad asked mom after hugging me.

"Yeh" mom asked

"Do i have to go now to megans house" i asked and mom nodded.

I said bye to my parents and then went to megans house and knocked on the door. It opened and cristian was standing there.

"Well come on in my grace" he said bowing down

"Oh thank you" i said in a english accent and he started laughing

"Hey cristian. Do you have a girlfriend" i asked him walking to the living room with him.

"I do. Shes in college now thats why we don't see each other much. She only comes on holidays" he said

"Omg really whats she called" i said just as megan came into the room.

"Oh liya your here. Carlos is waiting for you" she said just as carlos came into the room.

"Shall we go" he asked and i was confused

"Where" i asked

"Surprise" he said and held my hand and walked out with me

We sat in his car and he started driving. He drove to a diner called becky's diner and it seemed that i have been here before. But i couldn't place my finger on it.

"Come on lets go inside" carlos said and got out the car and ran to my side and opened it for me.

"A gentlemen" i said smirking and he chuckled

"Anything for you" he said and i laughed

"That was so cheesy" i said and we walked inside to see everyone sat there on a table. We sat with them just as a lady walked towards us.

"Oh hey guys. And liya" she said

She knows me too i thought and smiled at her.

"The usual for everyone" she said and everyone nodded and she walked away.

After 5 minutes she came back with chocolate chip pancakes for the boys and gave it to them and she gave me a chocolate cake.

I kept getting flashbacks of us already here and i tried to remember but it hurts my head a lot.

"Hey rose are you okay" carlos asked me and i nodded

"Yeh" i said and he nodded.

We ate our food and then left the place.

Me and carlos went inside and he showed me my room and i went to sleep.
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