Harry Styles Dirty Imagines

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harry sits down and you sit down next to him. you were going to watch a movie together called the titanic. harry turns the TV on and lays back on the couch. harry look at you and smiles you look at him and ask him what harry? he replays by saying god Y/N your so perfect then you look at the TV. harry gently kisses you on the cheek. you can feel his arm wrapping around you. Oh great the movie is starting. you get up to get some drinks and popcorn. next thing you know the lights turn off and harry lit a bunch of candles. when you came back with the drinks and popcorn harry was hogging the hole coach. you asked him to move over but he said no sit on my lap. so you did and then harry placed his hand on you chin and turns your face towards him. then he starts kissing you right away you felt the sparks and there's no denying it. next thing you no you are falling backwards and harry is on top of you. he tried to pull away from the kiss but he couldn't because you were sucking on his lips a Little too hard. one of his hand is on your neck and his other hand is pulling out the sofa bed so you both can get comfortable. harry pulls off your baggy shirt and leaves you in your purple bra. meanwhile you start to tug on harry's fly until his skinny jeans come off. then you start to see a big bulge in his plaid boxers you began to giggle a Little. you slide your PJ's off and get more comfortable. when he took off his boxers you couldn't believe your eyes. its was the most wonderful thing you ever seen your eyes start to light up and you had a horny smile on your face. he take off your panties and your bra. your legs are wide open and he thrusts into you slowly but then his movements got faster and faster. you start to moan as he starts to kiss your neck. this was your first time doing this so you felt so happy. harry licked your neck a few time you couldn't help but let out another moan. then you start to hear this ringing noise then you wake up and see its your phone it was ringing. so you pick up the phone its harry " h-hi harry" you say as your voice was trembling. "hey Y/N you don't mind if i come over to watch a movie with you do you". he says to you. "um... what movie"? you ask curiously. "the titanic" he answer. no problem you say as you smirk. 

Hope you enjoyed my imagine, i apologize if its not a good imagine this is my first time and I'm only 11 :)

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