Chapter 31

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I have been in the hospital for a week now and today i'm getting discharged.

Carlos has been coming in everyday to check up on me and i'll tell you that he is really sweet. He would bring me food and chocolate cake from outside because i hate hospital food. He tells me what happens in school and everything. But i don't remember anything.

Just then mom came into the room with carlos behind her.

"Are you ready to go" mom asked and i nodded

"I can't wait to get home to my bed" i said and carlos chuckled.

"Come on" he said and helped me out of bed. My arm was out of the cast but i couldn't drive yet, and my neck was better. I Have some marks on my face from the glass as well. Apparently carlos was in the same car as me and he only had scars on his back and arms. Other than that he is good because i took the most impact. Well thats what the doctor said.

We walked out the room and outside to mom's car. Mom started driving and carlos was behind us on his bike. His bike was awesome and i wanted it so badly even though i won't be able to drive it. We got home and mom helped inside. I went upstairs to my room while mom was downstairs with dad.

I went inside my room and laid down on my bed.

"Hey rose" i heard carlos say and i looked out my window.

"Oh hey. Why didn't you come over" i said and got up and sat on the window seat.

"I wanted to be home. Anyway are you going to come to school tomorrow" he asked and i groaned and nodded.

"I have to" i said and he chuckled

"You can stay with me" he said

"What are you the badboy of the school. Will i be protected" i said laughing.

"I will always protect you rose. Your my girlfriend" he said and i looked up at him.

"Carlos. I'm not your girlfriend" i said to him.

He keeps saying that i'm his girlfriend. But i'm not if i don't remember. Right

"You are" he said

"Whatever" i said about to close my window

"Wait.. tomorrow after school were going somewhere. All of us." He said

"Where are we going" i asked and he smirked

"Surprise. Babe" he said and closed hid window.

I closed my window and went downstairs slowly.

I was just about to go into the kitchen when i heard mom talking to dad.

"But we can't leave her alone" mom said to dad

"I know honey. But what are we going to do. We would lose a lot of money if we don't go back to paris. And i could lose my job. I don't want to leave her alone at this moment but i don't know what to do" dad said and i could hear him sighing.

I opened the door and smiled at them.

"You guys go. I'm okay. And i will live right here anyways" i said and mom walked towards me.

"But sweetie. I feel bad leaving you alone" she said helping me sit down on a stool.

"Then don't mom. I'll only be happy if you go" i said and she smiled at me

"Thank you sweetie. And you will be staying at megans house. I have asked her already" mom said and my head started hurting as i got a flashback


"Sweetie, me and your dad need to say something" mom said and looked at dad

"Where going away on a buisness trip. Its for your mom's new clothing line and i will be joining her" dad said and i nodded

"Okay" i said

I mean they have been before so its nothing new.

"This time is going to be a little different, we are going for 3 months. Your mother needs more time to sort the show and business out" dad said

3 months. Alone at home. Awesome. I thought smiling

"And you will be staying at megans house. I have asked and she will be expecting you today" mom said
Flashback over

"Sweetie. Are you okay.. Call the doctor" mom said and i held my head.

"Its okay mom. I'm okay. I just got a flashback. Did i live in megans house before" i asked massaging my forehead a little

"Yes you did. You lived there for 2 months. Are you okay. Shall i call the doctor" mom asked and i shook my head

"No i'm okay. I'll go upstairs and pack" i said and mom shook her head.

"No need sweetie. Your stuff are at megans house" she said and i nodded

"Ok i'm going to go and lay down" i said and she nodded

I went upstairs to my room and laid in my bed.

I just want to remember all the 2 months.
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