Chapter 3

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_____ wore a suggestive yet innocent kind of expression that made Suga's face tense up vibrantly. He motioned his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a sudden laughter. He looked at the girl who was laughing at him – pointing and all.

"I was just joking!! Oh my god you should've seen your face!! You were all like—" she made an exaggerated imitation of what he had looked like. Seeing her laughing so hard was embarrassing to the rapper. It wasn't funny to him! He seriously was starting to think this chic was hinting at something lewd!

Shaking off the embarrassment he sighed followed by a frown. "You suck... you totally got me."

______reached into her closet, took out some pajamas, and left into the bathroom. "You've seen me around before haven't you? You must've thought I was pretty strange."

"Not really. Today was really the first time I've noticed you."

"E-Eh?! That's so mean!"

"Deal with it, idiot..."

______stretched herself on the bed and looked at her new friend with a smile. "Well I've noticed you for a long time. You like staring at my dad's portrait on the first floor."

Suga almost spat out his cola. "You're kidding?!"

He didn't think anyone was watching, let alone that was her father.

______ chuckled and got up from the bed. "Yeah my dad's a rapper. That was when he won the Artist Award for 2006.  You seem to like it." She walked out of the bathroom  and into the second story of the home where a massive recording studio had been created. Yoongi was surprised to see such a workspace. It was no wonder her dad was famous.

"I know I look lost a lot but it's because I'm kind of used to being alone, you know?" She took out a blank music sheet and gave a confident gaze. "Since my dad left on his own personal vacation, I've been kind of stuck here. Though he's never around much, I want to be as good as my dad. I want to make my work perfect. But it seems no matter what I do, I'm just not happy with it." ______  gave a pout as she put the sheets on the table.

"What a strange girl..."

Later on that night, the two students had shared the same bed as planned. ______ was fast asleep laying on her back as Suga laid on his side facing away from her. Being a bit nocturnal ______ wasn't as quick of a sleeper during this time of day. Just as she was starting to get comfortable, the rapper's foot was brushing up against her leg uncomfortably. It was beginning to itch.


______ turned around to see what he was going on about now. He was sleeping still, but his expression made it seem as if he were having a nightmare. Suddenly, Yoongi's eyes narrowed on her and she jumped. Annoyed, the rapper leaned in his hand to fix his messy bangs gently. His hair was soft – almost like fleece. It looked calming to touch.

"What are you doing, punk? Do you always stare at people when they sleep?"

"O-Of course not!!"

The next day Yoongi had asked to see more of ______'s work space. Of course, now that the two were closer, she  was more than happy to show him. However, it had to be under one condition.

"Help me clean up, she said..." Suga groaned to himself as he started cleaning up the studio. Empty boxes and dusty furniture were scattered along with nameless orders of boxes filled with instruments and recording equipment. As ______ started taking the aprons to the laundry room, Suga accidently came across a sports bag full of money! The rapper was seriously thinking of stealing some...With an airhead like ______, it would be easy; but something in his heart told him not to.

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