School Systems in Fanfics and Cultural Appropriation

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2018 EDIT: Just....take this rant with a grain of salt. I feel like this rant is so outdated.

Have you ever been in that situation where a person follows you, and when you check out their profile they turn out to be completely crazy?

You know what I'm talking about. The complete fangirls who call themselves insane/otakus and speak in broken Japanese.

Their Japanese history and language lessons all come from Anime and they constantly wish they could live in Japan and go to school there.


Excuse my french but are you fucking kidding me.

You do not want to go to school in Japan, unless you think that having an extreme amount of homework, in addition to doing extracurricular activities, having a good amount of stress and suicidal thoughts is great. I think that the amount of suicides are greater in Japan than in fricking India, for Merlin's sake.

And with India having a rigorous education system very similar to that of Japan, I had a taste of this as well when I was young. And let me tell you, its not a good feeling.

With that said, the fanfics....again, not going to mention the school system in fanfics cause you clearly haven't done your research if you have the high school system play out like an American high school. Speaking of which, USE THE HONORIFICS PROPERLY PLEASE

Like if the character uses them, use them. If they don't, well, don't effing use them. End of story. But at the same time know when to use those honorifics and when not to. They are used to be respectful to another person.



Anime/manga fans will do what any fan will do: write fanfiction, draw fanart, watch their favorite anime, read their favorite manga, won't bash other opinions, basically enjoy everything at a moderate level. But a weaboo is the last thing that you want to be called.

If you're truly interested in the Japanese culture, then do research. If something intrigued you in an anime, look up what that truly means because often times, your favorite anime/manga have hidden political and/or social issues in the context of a situation in the plot.

Cultural Appropriation is bit of a huge problem plaguing almost every country nowadays and the video at the top actually talks about what happens if you're fed the same story your entire life. Its even more of a problem affecting Asian countries because stuff like K-Pop and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra are becoming famous worldwide. If you wear something like a sari, a churidar, mehendi or even do bharatanatyam and try to learn the value and tradition behind it, that's totally fine. If you even want to wear it because it looks really pretty and the like, go ahead! :)

People wearing something from a different culture that is not their own is totally fine AND acceptable but the problem comes when culture is treated as a fad or a caricature.

That's really it! What do you guys have to say on the subject? Comment below and let me know!

Or voting is completely fine as well. XD BYEEEE

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