A bit of hide and seek!!!!

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"Ah miss McShane I heard you haven't been given the kit for this class am I right?" Mr Eran says
"No sir not yet I'm afraid" I respond while crossing my arms over my chest it's quite cold in the hall.
"Well for until you get the kit you can sit over on the bench" he pointed to the bench on my right
"Yes sir" I made my way over and sat down. My pe teacher is Mr Eran he seems nice enough and let's just say he is well hot!!!! Ok that's weird for me to say that but it's true. He is quite small around my height, he has dark hair that sits up at the front. He has a kind of a beard but not the totally gross out one. His eyes are brown like chocolate. Anyway the doors open and in come the students, I look down and fiddle with my bracelets on my wrist. I have quite a collection of them If I'm honest one for each place I have been, thin ones, chunky ones, colourful ones, pattern ones etc...
"Oi Princess!"
"Oi angel!"
"Oh sunshine!"
"Oi kitten!"
I look up and see Alec, Jason, Emi, Jake and the boy I had beaten up earlier all waving at me, I grin at them, waved back and blew a kiss to them. They all pretended that they caught it and sent one back. I started laughing but stoped when I saw Marcie glaring at me. I couldn't stop myself from sending her a wave to which she just ignored. Haha one to me!!!!!!.
"Right team follow in" Mr Egan said, the boys sent one last wave and everyone went into the centre to hear what he had to say.
I found Jason's bike and was leaning against it with my arms crossed
"Whoa you look hot!!!!!" I look up and see Jason coming towards me with a smile on his face
"Oh me I'm just the innocent one!!!!" I fluttered my eyelashes at him and he burst out laughing
"Don't ever do that again!" He said while laughing
"What this?" I stepped closer to him and before I knew what I was doing I gave him a quick peck on the lips, fluttered my eyelashes, turned and ran for it. I don't even know where I was going but I doged around the cars that are parked
"Oi angel come here" I could hear his footsteps becomin louder and louder towards me
"Angel you can't hide!" He laughed
"Oh yes I can just watch me" I giggled, just as I felt a hand grab my wrist I turned around and there he was grinning down at me, he caught me but not for long, I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine
"Got ya" he said softly but as quick as I could I used my leg to sweep him onto the floor. Running as fast as I can I sprinted behind a tree and stayed there
"Oh angel I know your here somewhere no one sweeps me and gets a way with it, I'm going to punish you!!" He shouted
Just as I thought he had me, I spotted Emi getting into his car just across from me. I quickly ran opened the door jumped in without giving Emi time to say anything
"Hurry up go!!!!!" I shouted at Emi in excitement as I see Jason running to the car, just to be cheeky I roll down the window
"Oi loverboy lets see you do just that!!!" And then we sped off.

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