Chapter 30

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Oh god my head i thought and opened my eyes to close them quickly.

I opened them one at a time and looked around to see i was in a hospital. What am i doing here i thought and tried to sit up but some one was holding my hand.

I looked down to see a guy holding it tightly.
Who is that i thought and pulled my hand out and he looked up and then quickly stood up.

"Your awake" he said shocked

"Obviously" i said and he chuckled and ran out of the room.

Okay. He was hot i thought and laid my head back on the pillow.
My arm was in a cast and my neck hurt.

Just then a doctor and the same guy came back in.

"Good morning liya. I am doctor chris and how are you feeling" he asked

"Well my neck hurts and why am i here" i asked and he looked up.

"Do you remember what happened to you liya" he asked and i shook my head.

"Okay then. I will be back in a minute" he said and took the guy out with him.

Carlos p.o.v (yehh)

"Whats wrong with her" i asked the doctor just as we came out the room

"It seems like that she has amnesia. Its also called memory loss. It happens when the person loses the ability to remember a certain event that they would normally recall" he said

"So she can't remember anything" i asked confused

"Now i didn't say that. We need to ask her what was the last event she remembered. And please call her parents in" he said and walked away.

Rose has been in hospital for a week now. I called her parents and they said they will be on their way. When her parents found out, they got on the next flight home and came straight to the hospital.

Liya p.o.v

My eyes were closed and i was laying down when the door opened. I opened my eyes to see my parents.

"Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry i wasn't here" mom said and came walking towards me and hugged me. Tightly.

"Mom... can't... breath" i said and she let me go

"Sorry. How are you feeling" she asked and sat on a chair.

"I'm good. But how did i get in the hospital. I don't even remembered what happened." I said to her just as doctor chris came in with the other guy.

"Hello again liya. I hope your okay if i ask you some questions" chris said and i nodded

"Yeh" i said looking at the stranger in the room.

"Now i want to know what is the last thing you remember" he asked

"Ermm that was me starting a new school. I was talking to skylar my new friend next to the locker. And then i went home." I said thinking

"Is their anything else you can remember" he said and i closed my eyes. My head was killing me.

"I don't think she remembers anything else. Don't pressure her" dad said as chris nodded.

"Ok then. I will go get you some tablets. It will help with your pain" he said and walked out the room.

"Don't you remember me rose" the stranger asked and walked towards me

"I'm sorry. Do i know you" i asked as the door opened and a couple with 5 boys walked in.

"Omg liya. How are you feeling" megan said walking towards me and hugged me.

"I'm good. Thanks megan" i said.

"How do you know her rose" the stranger asked me

"Shes my neighbour." I said looking at him confused

"For fuck sake I'm your neighbour as well rose" the guy said shouting

"Woah. Don't shout at me" i said

"Sorry" he said and nodded

"And shes my neighbour. I know cristian and nick and luke as well. They helped us set up our home." I said looking at the twins

"So you don't know me" james bond asked

"Oh your james bond. I met you in walmart" i said smiling at him and he chuckled.

"Yep its me" he said just as the doctor came back in

"Ok everyone. I need you to leave and let liya rest. We can't be pressuring her" chris said and one by one everyone left, except the stranger.

"I'm carlos" he said and kissed my forehead and walked out.

Carlos. Hot name
Hey everyone
Hope you like this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

And i made her forget carlos. I'm so mean. I know. Sorry.

I was watching the vow today and i thought why not make liya forget her memory. I got inspired by the vow. Haha. It will be fun. (Hopefully). Will carlos leave her or help her remember....


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