Chapter 29

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Continues from last chapter

" twin sister" i asked again just to be sure that i heard it right

"Yes." Megan said as kayden walked out the room.

"Where is she" i asked

"Dead. She died 4 years ago" megan said just as jorden walked up to megan

"Aunt megan. We looked everywhere he would go and he isn't there. And his phone is switched off as well and now its dark outside" jorden said sighing.

"Have you checked the cliff" i asked remembering its his favourite place

"Cliff what cliff" jorden asked confused.

"Its a cliff with a forest around it" i said

"No why would carlos go there and he never told us" kyle said walking towards me

"Its his favourite place. I'll go check" i said and quickly ran out the house to my car. I sat in the car and drove for 30 minutes until i got to the forest.

I saw carlos's bike parked outside of the forest and sighed in relief.

I got out of my car and called jorden.

J:where are you liya

Me: i found him
I said and hanged up and then put the torch on my phone on. I started walking threw the forest until i got to the cliff and i saw carlos sat there staring at sky and drinking.

"Carlos" i said and he looked at me

"Rose. What are you doing here" he said slurring some of his words

"Are you drunk" i said walking closer to him

"No?" He said and i sat down next to him

"Lets get you home carlos" i said and he shook his head

"I don't want to go home" he said still shaking his head

"Its your birthday today carlos. How come you didn't tell me" i said and he laughed

"So mom told you. You should never tell mom to keep a secret. Shes really bad" he said talking to me like i was a child

"Happy birthday" i said to him

"Whats so happy about it." He said

"I know about celeste" i said and he looked at me

"I know mom would have told you. But that was quick" he said chuckling and got up and went to the cliff and sat on the edge

"Carlos. Come back here" i shouted getting up.

"No" he said

I sighed and went closer and sat down next to him

Don't look down liya

"Tell me about celeste" i said

"I killed her" he said and i looked at him

"What" i said shocked

"We were coming back from a party. And i wasn't drunk. And then the next thing a car is coming towards us while i'm talking to celeste, we were in an accident and celeste died on impact. It was all my fault" he said looking down

"Carlos. That wasn't your fault. It was the other drivers." I said holding his hand

"It was rose. If i wasn't talking to celeste at that time. It wouldn't happen then. But i was so stupid that it did" he said

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