Chapter 28

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Liya p.o.v

I woke up with a smile on my face. I was happy that carlos knows now. And i'm really happy that he is my boyfriend again.

I woke up really early today so i had a shower and got ready in black jeans and a white top. When i was done putting my hair in a messy bun, i got my bag and walked downstairs.
It was only 7.30 yet so i got an apple and a granola bar and then walked out the house.

I drove to school and got there in 5 minutes.

An early start i thought and went inside

Its lunch now and i haven't seen carlos or jorden or kyle. No one. I haven't even seen the twins in school yet and i'm a little worried.

I went outside with skylar and sat on the grass.

"There not picking up" i said to skylar

"Its okay liya. It might important where ever they are" skylar said to me and i nodded.
School had finished now and i drove home quickly. I went inside to see the twins sat on the sofa and jorden pacing around with megan crying and kayden holding her.

"What happened" i asked and walked into the room and stood infront of the t.v. so i could see everyone

"Carlos is missing" cristian said and i looked up at him.

"What. But he was here yesterday" i said

"Yeh but he isn't here now" luke said

"Well call the cops or something" i said and kyle shook his head

"You can only file a case after 24 hours and its not even been 20 hours" kyle said

"Well have you checked every where. And why would he do that. He isn't stupid" i said

"Its his birthday" megan said wiping her tears.

"Its carlos's birthday. Today. How come i wasn't told" i said shocked

"He doesn't celebrate it. And he didn't want you to know" megan said

"Aunt megan. Don't tell her" kyle said and i looked at him.

"Tell me what" i said totally confused now

"She has the right to know. She's carlos's girlfriend" megan said

"But mom. Carlos said not to tell her" luke said

"Will you just tell me megan" i said begging her

"Its celeste's birthday today" she said tears rolling down her eyes.

"Celeste. Who is that" i said remembering when carlos had mentioned that name when he was drunk

"Carlos's twin sister" megan said and i was shocked
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