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Ben's POV:

After that incident with Chip at lunch, Zoe and Murray introduced me to some new people. I was about to go my dorm room when Murray pulled me back and whispered, "Queen Bee has arrived. "
The girl looked like Barbie, however shorter and had red hair. She had 5 pounds of makeup on and a golden leotard on, though that was not the part that scared me. It was the fact she staring at me intensely. I hate being the new kid.

"Hi, I'm Ashley!" She said quite cheerfully

"B-Ben" Great I already made a fool out of myself in front of a girl...

"I know, everyone has been talking about you and your superman skills!"

"What?" I asked to dumbfounded

"Sweetheart, when you kick that guy, what's his name, oh yeah Chips, butt. It was amazing?" Ashley said

"Thanks," I said blushing. I have never been complimented by a girl of such high status.

Ben and Ashley talked throughout the night not knowing someone was spying on them.

Erica's POV:

As I made my way to my dorm I caught sight of Ashely and Ben. What was she doing with my Ben!

Shoot I didn't just think that!

Yes, you did, somebody is in love...

I'm not

Well, they do say the first step to True Love is denial, so you can keep at it all you want...

Blood rushed into my cheeks at the thought of Ben and me being in love but immediately pushed it down. No scrawny boy is going to thaw this frigid exterior.

I decided to get back to my dorm and fix my messed up self.

Little did Erica know that she wasn't the only one jealously watching the little pair...

Chip's POV (ooh...)

As I walked out of the Mess Hall after being humiliated by Ben's freaky friend, I decided to work up my courage and try to impress Ashley, again. Yes, I have a crush on Queen Bee. Not only because of her good looks (though they're pretty great) but of how she could demand everyone's attention in just a look. On how she always does her best to get what she wants. And I like that type of girl if she only she was interested in a type of guy like... me. I wish she'd see me more than a hardcore jerk like I can see past that Queen Bee look.
I find her, only to be talking to that newbie Ben. Jealousy flared in my stomach so bad that I wanted to knock the teeth out of this bastard if he wasn't being congratulated by Ashley... on kicking my butt. I saw them talk some more and then saw that bastard blush. I would have lost all self-control if Greg didn't restrain me and drag me back to my dorm.

Someday Ben, Ashley will be mine!

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