7.6. Muhabbat

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Ibraheem's POV

I had deleted all the chats and mails from the account Hussain gave me long ago; but I still remember every word from the confession I made; an incomplete confession.

"you should have told her Ibraheem!" Mom's voice made me come out of the trance and I looked at her face, concerned and worried.

"in fact tell Hussain about all this before its too late." She added and I shook my head, holding her hand in mine.

"Mom! am not worried about Hussain. I know he doesn't like her, Tehreem would be the last girl on this planet with whom Hussain can fall in love" I assured her and she made an uncertain face.

"Its just that... that I want to become something, mein us k qabil ban'na chahta hoon Mom! I think I confessed to her on a very wrong time, and am glad I didn't mention my name tha...

"But wo to waha ye soch rahi ho gi na k Hussain ne usey wo sab kaha hea" Mom frowned as she cut me through.

"doesn't matter. Hussain has already talked to Shaista aunty. Ye rishta almost khatam hea Mom! mager mein nai chahta k mein khud ko thop doon Tehreem per. I want to give her some time phir bata doon ga usey. Khud ja ker mil ker usey apney dil ki bat bata doon ga"

"I just want you to be happy beta! and if its Tehreem then go get her in your life" she smiled and I returned the gesture.

"mujhey chorren ye bataen k chup chup ker Dad se batein ker rai theen na ap?" I asked mischievously and she literally gasped, slapping my arm.

"Why would I?"

"Come on Mom! you finally forgave him, and then there is clearly nothing wrong in...

"Ibraheem!" Mom cut me through. "He is happy in his life, in his family and I am happy in mine" she softly smiled touching my face. "yes. I forgave him but I don't want or need his presence back in my life. Berson ka bojh uter gaya merey dil se, bus yei buhat hea k merey pas tum ho" her fingers caressed my cheek and I smiled warmly.

"I want nothing else than a bahu and a few potey potiyan in my life now" she smiled playfully and I chuckled, with my heart skipped a beat. "life will be perfect then"

"yup. Soon inn shaa Allah!" I assured her and she smiled.

"but I miss Aleena" I pressed my lips in a thin line missing her like hell here in seatle.

"why don't you go and meet her in fact kuch din k liye usey apne sath le aao" she suggested and I smiled nodding.

"dad ko bhi?" I asked innocently and before she could slap me again I backed off, Mom chuckled and I threw my arms around her hugging her.

Tehreem's POV

"Tehreem beta! ye soup pi lo" Aunty placed my and Samra's bowls on the table and I pressed a smile.

"JazakAllah Aunty!"

I picked up my bowl and gulped a spoon, it was yummy and perfect for such cold weather. Aunty walked up to the stairs holding a tray carrying a bowl of soup but she halted near he stairs as she held her left knee.

"Samra! go and help her yar" I looked to my left, Samra glanced at her mother and then shrugged her shoulders carelessly but then made a face as she straightened on the couch.

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