EXACTLY Part 10 Carter's POV

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I reached my house and tried to close the door behind me so I could lock it but Scotty started to shove his way in.

"Scotty! Go away!" I hollered.

"No! You care and you know it. Just admit it." He called out as he finally got in and I fell to the floor.

"No I don't! I wouldn't be shoving you away if I did." I yelled.

"That's the only reason you would!" He hollered.

"I started to storm upstairs as fast as I could.

"Where are you going?" he yelled after me.

"To get ready for my date. Now let me go!" I reached the top of the stairs and ran for my room. I quickly got dressed into a cute skirt and tank top with flip flops. I almost ran into Scotty when I got downstairs.

"How come you never wore anything that hot for me?" he questioned as he stared at my chest.

"I did." I responded.

"Oh. Well remind me what your lip gloss tastes like." He started to walk toward me.

"No!" I said but he had his hands roaming my back and his lips roaming my face until they reached my lips.

"Stop." I whined. My voice was showing I cared but I just wanted away.

"Nope. I don't think I will hot stuff." I started to kiss back but took in a deep breath as his hands reached my butt.

"Are you wearing a thong?" He questioned.

"Well I'm visiting you later aren't I?" I smiled. He pictured it in his head.

"Scotty I have to go." I knew my time was dwindling down.

"I'm home!" Someone shouted as they walked into my house.

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