Food fight in the canteen

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The periods have disappeared so fast. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. So far I have had at least one of the boys in each of my classes which is weird to say but it's good having them there with me.
Alec in Maths
Emi in Art
Jason in English
Jake in Music
I am pretty surprised about some of these boys being creative I thought they would be more physical but I still have PE last period and it is Lunch which I am currently in right now. I'm sitting at the table with all the boys. I still receive weird looks from people probably because I'm sittings with the popular boys. I am currently eating my salad when I feel a tap on my shoulder
"Hey sunshine are you Google?" A boy that Is in my English class was standing behind me with his hands resting on my shoulders.
"What? No" He smirked
"Because your everything I've been searching for!" He looked pleased as he said this , I rolled my eyes
"On honey If I was Google I wouldn't be here to deal with your sorry ass" I say sweetly with a smile planted on my lips. He just stood there looking at me
I wave my hand in a go away motion " on you go" I turn back around and all the boys are now smirking at the boy
"No" the boy behinds me says
"Excuse me?" I turn around and stand up
"You heard me sunshine" he grins at me
"If you call me sunshine one more time I will swear I will hit you were the sun doesn't shine!!!" I was now getting agitated does a guy not take a hint
"Oh I know you want me to spread your sunshine into me!!" He stars laughing so I kick him where the sun doesn't shine and he falls to the ground and groans. All the boys come to me wanting a high five which I gladly give.
"YOU BITCH!!!!!" Shouts Marcie who is now storming towards me with her two puppies who obviously don't have a brain!!!!!
"What do you want Marcie ?" I say with a sigh I really couldn't be bothered dealing with her right now
"How dare you kick my boyfriend!!!!" Her eyes stormy
"Oh moving on so fast I see ?" I raise my eyebrows
The boy gets up but is still holding his area.
Marcie grabs my tub of yogurt,opens in and throws it me which all the contents land on my white tank top
"Oh no you didn't!!! That was my favourite yogurt!!!!" I turn around and grab Jason's chips and curry sauce and throw them at her and her mouth hangs open as the chips hit all over her.
" Food fight!!!!" Jason shouts and now everyone is throwing good around the place, some hits me again but I am laughing too much that I don't really noticed. Emi was by my side at an instentent
"Come on let's get you cleaned up" he grabs me by the arm an pulls me out of the canteen which still has food flying everywhere.
"Thanks Emi I really appreciate it" I give him a smile
"That was class what you did to Marcie though that was my favourite yogurt!!!!" He says in a high voice, I hit him on the arm
"I don't speak like that!!!!!!"
We are now at the doors that lead to the carpark
"Come on the quicker we get you home and changed the quicker you come back for PE which I can't wait to see you do" he says with a wink. We walk out of the doors and down the steps, he leads me to a shiny dark blue BMW
"Woah that must have been expensive!!!" He unlocks it and opens the door for me
"Thanks" I top in and he closes the door and walks to his side and gets in. As we are driving out the carpark he puts a CD in and Fallout Boy starts playing. I scrunch my nose up
" what you don't like it?" Emi sees my reaction
" I listen to country music" he looks confused "you know Lady Antebellum, Garth Brooks, Like Byran?" He shakes his head
"Why don't we swap" he says suddenly
"What?" I look at him and he glances at me
" I give you the CD of Fallout Boy and you give me the CD of Lady Antebellum and we will listen and see if we like it" we stop outside my house. He gets the CD out, puts in in the case an hands it to me.
"Thanks want to come in while I get changed?" I see him smirk and I hit his arm playfully
"Not like that so I can get you the CD and so you are not alone" I smile
"Sure" we get out the car and walk up to my door. I unlock the door and run up stairs
"Come on don't worry my parents are at work" Emi follows me
"Woah this is a nice house is that you?" He points to the paintings
"Yeah when I was younger" still walking up the stairs
"You looks so cute!" I turn aroun and he turns bright red
"Not not cute.. the are...wait...what" he stammered
"Its ok I get it" I laugh and I walk into my bedroom.
I quickly get changed into jeans and plain t-shirt. I grab my Lady Antebellum CD. I walk out my room and Emi is still looking at the paintings.
"Here let's go" I give him the CD
We walk down the stairs and out the front door. I lock it and we head towards him BMW.
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