chapter 7

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Maya's POV

Suddenly there was a commotion inside the hall. Many of our guests started walking towards one man who held his woman securely in his arms.

His smoky black eyes caught mine.

I wanted to look away but his eyes held so much dominance that I didn't even have it in me to ignore his piercing gaze.

His eyes roamed over my body as I drank in his appearance. The perfectly tailored dark blue tux looked royally elegant on this sexy man. He had finished his outfit with a rich black tie, making the color of his eyes stand out. His hair was styled in a bedroom look. How can a man look so professionally dressed, yet sexy!? I internally groaned. A bolt of electricity ran through my body. He was making me super nervous and I didn't like it one bit. It was evident that he was shocked seeing me dressed up in something other than saree.

Katherine whispered something in his ear which grabbed his attention from me. She was dressed in a baby pink cocktail dress. There was a truckload of makeup on her face yet she looked beautiful. Just the way he liked.

"Maya!" I was suddenly embraced in bone crushing hug by Rishi, startling me.

"Uh...Rish! God! You scared me!"

"Geez! I'm fine!" He taunted which earned a laugh from me.

He rolled his eyes "How have you been?" He exclaimed in happiness

"Better than ever" I grinned, taking a second to register the changes of the man standing in front of me.

He was a few inches taller to me. His brown eyes and defined jaws can make any girl drop her panties. He has grown a lot of muscles in the past two years. The forest green tux that he was dressed in made his muscles more prominent. Any girl would give away her life to be with a man like Rishi. But I still wonder why he was single!

"The decor is amazing, Maya!" he cheered.

"Really? I was really nervous, you know! It's been long since I took up such responsibilities!" I said with a frown

"Don't worry Maya! It's perfect! It's blue and filled with life! Anyone who knows you can say that this event's preparations were taken up by you!"

Yes. The theme was blue and crème. It evoked life in the entire room. This color had a lot of bad memories attached, but I couldn't help but choose this color.

"Thank you, Rish!" I smiled gratefully for his encouraging words and he side hugged me, placing a soft kiss on my temple. And did I say? He was such a protective big brother when it came to me! We were of the same age but he was just a few months elder to me. He was always a sweet brother that I yearned for. Rishi also filled up my missing place in the office when I was at Delhi. He also worked at Sharp and Measure. He supported dad when I wasn't in a position to do so. I was indebted to him for all that he has done for me.

His eyes went to the direction where Arjun and Katherine were standing and conversing with other guests. I could read hatred for Arjun in Rishi's eyes. Though he doesn't know the reason for my divorce, Rishi always felt that Arjun was the one who hurt me that caused the divorce. He hated Arjun to his guts.

Before I could see Arjun, Rishi broke in "Shall we grab a drink?"

"Sure!" I nodded as he pulled me to the bar.

I don't drink! Like ever! I hated the way alcohol tasted, in any form.

I ordered a lemon cheesecake drink and Rishi went in for a cocktail. Just when I was about to have a sip of it, a loud shrill voice interrupted me.

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