chapter 25

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When I wake up the next morning Zach's arm is around me and once again a pain in my stomach resurfaces. It freaks me out because I know that I haven't been hit lately so why am I in pain?

It's easily ignorable so I look up at my mate to see him staring at me. I was excepting this though so I don't say anything back just staring right back at him. We stare into each other's eyes not saying anything.

We talk through our eyes and like always I get lost in his baby blues. Never have I ever seen such beautiful eyes until I met my mate. He is undeniably the most attractive man I have ever met. This is my reward for going through the Mate House and Trade. He is the reason I did all the things I had to do, so I could survive to get to him.

" Good morning beautiful." he whispers breaking our eye contact and caressing my face.

" Good morning Batman." I say with a teasing smile while kissing his hand when it brushes my lips

" You remember that?"

" Of course Mr. Wayne, it was pretty funny."

" Why Miss Forel, do you find me amusing?"

I lean in and put my lips right above his, " Maybe I do, what are you going to do about it?"

He flips me so I'm on my back and he is straddling me. I giggle and try to push him off with no effort and laugh when he just smirks at me. He leans down and pecks my lips.

A peck? That's all I get in the morning? I frown and stick out my bottom lip. I give him a puppy dog look until he caves with a groan and leans down to give me a real kiss.

Even though it's not a peck you can still feel the silliness. If I could freeze right here and right now I would live in it forever. How much more perfect could this get? The love in the kiss was so obvious that even a child could see it.

Wait, did I just say love? Am I really in love with Zachary Wayne? Is it possible that I got over the one heartbreak he gave me and I'm in love with him? No, it's not possible because I couldn't put myself out there to be hurt again.

Zach may be acting perfect but what about later? He was already Alpha so now I was just adding to the stress. Stress will lead to him wanting to release it on somebody who has no strings attached.

I couldn't put myself through that again. It doesn't matter though because I don't love him, right?

 As much as I want to deny it in my heart I know I love him so much. We both seem to both go from silly and love to passion and wanting.

The kiss becomes suddenly serious and we both tense up and pour emotions into it. His lips wrestle against mine and he nibbles on my bottom lip. I eagerly open up for him and give in to let him have control of the kiss.

His hands roam my sides my sides but not under my PJ top. I pull back for air but also confusion, when did I put clothes on last night? Zach sees the confusion on my face and smirks. He pulls away even more and rolls on his back.

I pout and climb on top of his back. I lie flat on his naked back and press my face against him while playing with his hair. Do I know why he rolled over? No, but is this position comfortable? Hell yes and very cozy.

" Are you comfortable Miss Emily?" Always reading my mind Zach...

" Very much actually, thank you for asking."

He flips us back over and I frown, even though I like that he is on top of me I was very comfortable. He smirks down and kisses his mark, which makes the fire in my stomach worse. I frown up and him, he can't resist my pout face and he kisses my pouting lips. As we kiss I smile and wrap my arms around his neck while he holds me closer to him.

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