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The girls are five years old now and they're starting kindergarden. Aban is a complete mess right now and I am trying to get him to calm down.



"Relax. We'll come back and get them in eight hours."

"Eight hours with out my babies? I change my mind they can't go to school."


I took his hand and said "We have to let them go. I already have them registred and everything is already set. I have to let them go."

"Eight hours?"

"Eight hours."

I smiled and he unlocked the doors to our new mini van.

"Come on girls."

We helped them out the car and picked up the newest member of our family. Little Jade. She's only a couple months old now and she has my mom's red brown hair but Aban's beautiful blue eyes.

"Come on girls."

I took June's hand and we followed them into the school.

"Are you sure you'll be okay here June?"

"Yes momma."

I smiled and kissed her head. I kissed Aubrey's and May's heads and said "I love you girls so much. Just stay together and girls help June around."

"Yes mother."

I smiled and watched Aban hug them and we watched them take June's hand and they walked into class with their little backpacks on and their little lunch boxes.

"Now we have to see how it goes."

"I know."

Jade got fussy and Aban picked her up.

"When are we going to have a boy?"

"I don't have any control over that."

I smiled and we went home. This goes without saying but...Aban was out the door exactly at three when we had to go pick up the girls. He jumped out the meeting and grabbed Jade's carseat.

"Aban aren't you forgeting something?"


I held up the car keys and he said "Oh yeah."

I nodded and shut the car door after buckling Jade in.

"Come on mr alpha man. Let's go pick up our angels."

He laughed and drove to the school.

"How was your day girls?"

"Fun. We wrote our names and played on the play ground and made lots of new friends."

I looked at June and noticed she was talking to someone.

"Hey girls. Who's June talking to?"

They looked over and said "That's Lucy. She's the other blind girl in our class. Her and June hung out all day."

"That's nice. I'm glade June made a friend today."

"Us too. She wanted to come home after an hour."

"She did? Why didn't you mind link one of us?"

"Because she has to get over it."

We knew May was right. Out of her sisters May wasn't the most compassionate one. I went up behind June and she said "Hey momma."

"Hey baby."

She reached up and touched my face.


They managed to find each other's hands and she pulled her over to us.

"Lucy this is my mom."

"Hello Lucy."

She touched my face and I smiled.

"Your pretty."

"Thank you honey. You're pretty yourself."

She smiled and I heard a honk. I looked up and heard "Lucy honey. Come on."

I handed Jade to Aban and took both of their hands.

"Is that your mother Lucy?"

She nodded and said "Yes ma'am."

I walked them over and opened the door for Lucy.

"Thank you so much. It's hard helping her now that I'm so far along. I'm Lucy's mom Gena."

I smiled and said "I'm June's mom. Lunetta."

"I hope you don't mind me asking but is June-?"

"Yeah. We found out when she was only a couple weeks old. But she's getting along quite well."

"So is Lucy. I worry about her."

"Same with June. But I think with the girls in the same class and everything, they'll be just fine."

"Me too."

I heard Jade start to cry. I groned and said "I should go. It was nice talking to you."

"You too."

I lead June back to the car and got them settled in.

"Make a new friend?"

"I think so."

I was happy and I wanted to stay that way. The first shift was really going to be hard on us but they all had to go through it. It would be painful but there was nothing we could do about that.

There's a sequel and I'm going to call it The Blind Triplet  

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