Going home

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He was able to walk now. I ran up to him and he licked my head.

'You are so brave.'

'Am I?'

'Yes. You are extreamly brave.'

I smiled and said nothing.

'Your face.'

'What about my face?'

I touched my face with his nose and I winced when it burned.

'What happened? It's a red patch.'

I sighed and said 'He fought me. I fought him. This was the result.'

He licked it clean and I smiled.

'You are so sweet.'

'Shall we go home and have the doctor check it out?"

I smiled and looked up into his big blue eyes. I blinked and said 'Actually...I want to run.'

'You want to run?'

'It's been a while sence I let my wolf run to her hearts content. I think it's about time.'

'Me too.'

We ran for hours.



'How long has it been-?'

'A couple weeks before the triplets were born. Why?'

'I think it's about time we did that as well.'

'Oh really?'

'Yeah. I have an awesome idea too.'

My ears perked up and I said 'What is it?'

'Let's use our wolves.'

I blinked and said 'We'll use our wolves to have sex?'

He nodded his big head and I smiled.

'The idea is kind of kinky. I like it. Let's give it a shot.'

'Those are the words I want to hear.'

I smiled and we ran deeper into the woods.

'Have to pee.'

'What is it with you women and having to pee all the time.'

'You try having three babies push down on your blader for five months and pushing them out.'

'No thanks.'

'Thought so.'

We ran some more.

'Perfect place.'

'You think so?'

'I know so.'

I smiled. I had a blast though.

When we got home we went to the nursery and found the triplet's asleep with their grandparents. I didn't touch them because they all looked comfterble. I went and took a shower. I was happy to be home and with my family again. There really is no place like home.

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