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The next morning I wake up and Zach isn't there.I sit up scared that something might have happened to him.What the hell is with these damn vampires?I go downstairs and see no one.Empty."Morning!".

I turn around and see Jackson standing there."Hey.Morning.Where's Zach?"I asked.

"He's doing some training.Lucy is upstairs in her room if you want to go talk to her".

"Okay and I'm sorry about yesterday.I didn't think that he would shock you".

"Yeah.It's fine".

I smile and run upstairs.I get to Lucy's room and she's laying on her bed reading a book."Hey,Lucille".

"Hey,Sam.I was about to come downstairs and get you".

"You were?".

"Yeah.Umm....you're going to spend the day with me.We're going to go out.The group has things to do and they don't want a mortal in the house because it could be dangerous.It has something to with the newborns and everything so-".

Footsteps coming upstairs stop her from talking.Jasper,Noah,Nathan,and Charlie come running in the room."Melvin wants to do a test!"Nathan said,excited.

Zach comes running in."But I said no because it is wayyyyy to risky and I'm not losing the girl I love".

"But Melvin also said that if she doesn't do it then she's out"Charlie said.

"What are you guys talking about?".

"Melvin does this test once a year with the newborns.He puts a human in front of them and the ones the can control themselves get less pressure during training,but if they don't then they get pushed more"Noah explained.

"Oh.So will they kill me?"I asked.

Jasper comes and sits by me then puts his arm around me."Let's put it this way.1/10 have survived in the past year".

I look at Zach."Zach...".

"I want you to stay,but this is putting your life on the line.I can't do that".

"I know right.It's not a good idea"I said.

"I'll just have to go tell Melvin that...".

"But I'm going to do it!"I said.

Zach gives me a look."No,Sam.You'll get hurt".

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