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'This is where you stop. He's an old wolf, he can't smell more than a mile in front of him. If I need you you'll hear a howl. Understand?'

'Yes Luna.'


I changed back and dressed.

'Becareful Lunetta.'

'I'll be fine.'

I walked the mile to the edge of the pack territory.

"So you've made it."

"I did. Where's my mate?"

"Slow down there tigger."

I growled a little bit and said "Don't test me today Blake!"

It was killing me being away from my daughters for this long. I wanted to get Aban and just go home.

"Come on princess. Let's just think this through-."

His pack fighters came out.

"You are such an idiot. You really think I would come alone?"

I smiled and said "You really think I would?"

I howled and my fighters came out.

"You have two choices Blake. Release my mate or die. Your choice."

"It's not a very good one."

I growled and shifted to my wolf. He stepped back and said "Wow. You've really grown since I saw you last."

'Let Aban go our I'll rip you to shreads!'

He sighed and said "Fine. I'll let him go."

He snapped and they dragged Aban out the woods. I noticed there were metel cuffs around his wrists, ankels and one around his neck. I gasped as I felt all the pain rush into me once they took them off.



He crawled over to our land and I touched his head.

"Are you alright baby?"

"How are the girls?"

"They are waiting for their father to come home."

He smiled and touched my hand.

"You're so beautiful you know that right?"

I smiled and said "Your handsome yourself."

I kissed his head and heard "Now youre coming with me.

I was picked up and I immedently shifted to my wolf and tore the guys head off. I spit out the blood and said 'You mess with my pack that's what happens!'

I growled and focused on all the people in his group.

'If you don't want to lose your life...I would leave now.'

About half his fighters left.

'Traitors! Once I get back you're as good as dead anyway!'

'You're not going back!'

'Why not?'

'One step by any of your pack members, I'm ripping your head off. Come into my lands...we'll it's about to get pretty bloody.'

I sat down and watched his pack.


They charged at us and I rolled my eyes.

'Mind block!'

His entire army got weak from me using my powers suddenly and I said 'Rip their heads off, but leave Bane to me!'

'Yes Luna!'

I ran at Bane and locked my teeth on his neck. I made sure I broke it and tore his head off. I tossed it into the woods, pissed on it and buried it. I would come back to burn it later.

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