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Soft foot steps and staggered breathing could be heard on the night of October 10th in the darkened streets of kohna, as a young boy of only seven was running like a mad man rushing to find a safe place anywhere just away from them.

Rushing into an ally he turned to look and see if he had lost them. They had found him again when he was trying to go unseen by the villagers who were enjoying the festivities drinking away the sorrows of the loss of their loved ones and celebrating the death of the Kyuubi No Kitsune. Naruto had no idea of the danger he was in passing by a bar a few men had spotted him. Soon they were chasing him and he was dodging sake bottles and running from the men chasing him. In the ally he could hear the men breathing heavily and their shoes dragging closer to where he was.

When he turned to see how close they had gotten to him, he was met with a punch to the gut, scrambling to get away he looked for an exit and realized his mistake he had run into a dead end. Looking toward the men he could tell they were going to torture him like many others had done before on this fateful day. The one day he hated most. His birthday. Their eyes looked at him with pure hatred and malice but the boy didn't understand why. What was their reason to hate him what did he do wrong!?

Tears welling up in his eyes as the men pined his hands up together with a kunai going through both and pinning his hands to the wall behind him, they carved words of 'demon' and 'monster' into his back not baking down as they heard his screams of agony and pain.

'Why, why do they always do this' Naruto thought as he felt them unpin his hands from the wall, screaming in pain as the broke his arms and legs as to not let him get away they started to punch him in the ribs. Hit after hit he began to see spots his vision going blurry.

He felt the punches on his ribs stop and heard them walk away from his broken bleeding form. Naruto knew he would heal in the morning he didn't know why but he always did. His vision darkening he could feel the familiar tug in the back of his mind as he drifted into blissful darkness.

He woke in what looked like the sewers. Wait there are no sewers in kohna where am I? Naruto thought as he walked forward as he heard a deep demonic voice call out to him.

"Come closer kit" he heard the oddly kind demonic voice call. Trudging through the water he came to a giant red cage with a paper seal on the gate. Naruto peered inside the gate and saw two deep red eyes. Naruto watched the beast in the cage shift and move closer and into the light, it had nine tails and each were very fluffy and looked really nice to cuddle with in his opinion(of course he wouldn't say cause he had never cuddled with anything before and this didn't trust him), and her fur was a blood red color, Naruto came to the conclusion that this was the nine tailed fox, the Kyuubi No Kitsune. Now you maybe wondering how Naruto could come to that conclusion because he is an idiot that's always smiling and pranking people, but that isn't him, no not the real him. Everyone in the village hated Naruto, when some found out of his intelligence they thought the demon was possessing him and that he had to much power, so he hid it all with a mask of stupidity.

"Hello Kyuubi" Naruto said boredly as the giant Kitsune just smiled at the boy before her smile turned to a serious face.

"Hello kit I can see you already know who I am and I can see you are probably wondering where you are." Naruto nodded  "This place is your mind scape and we are here because you were pulled in because of your near death like state. Now kit I have to ask you something" the Kyuubi said as she motioned him to come forward but he didn't move. "I promise I won't hurt you kit, just please come here" she said with a frown looking at what the villagers had done to the poor boy he didn't trust anything anymore. "You're not the first person to say that to me, right before they poisoned me or beat me up" he said with his face in a grim frown, his eyes held pain, loneliness, betrayal, and they looked too old for a child. She flinched at his cold tone and his ice cold stare that could make even the hardest shinobi shake in their boots, she may be a demon but she was once a mother and she couldn't bear to look at this child broken.

Her head bowed down in shame. "I'm sorry"she whispered, Naruto's eyes changed to a look of confusion 'what did she mean by that' "it's all my fault you are hated. You shouldn't be hated for something your not!" she cried. Naruto's eyes widened no one had ever spoken to him with such kindness maybe the old man hokage but even he saw the resentment in his eyes too. He ran over to the big fuzzy beast and hugged it and silently cried tears of joy that someone cared "how about you make it up to me by being there for me" he looked up at her with pleading eyes. He saw a plume of smoke and then he was tackled to the ground by a red haired woman in a red designed kimono.(No it's not kushina) "of course" she yelled as he hugged him.

After a few minutes of cuddling Naruto looked at his new mother-figure. "Hey Kyu is there any way to be able to talk to you without coming into the seal" he asked she nodded "just think the question or what ever and I'll answer ok" he nodded "it's time for you to go back I healed most of your wounds in sorry but they will leave scars" she told him looking at him sadly. He nodded and woke up in the ally he was in last night and looked up to see that it was morning slowly getting up he could feel the dull ache of his back where the men had carved the names on his back forever scarring his skin. Walking out of the ally and down the abandoned street, he kept to the shadows as to not be seen and made his way back to his shabby run down apartment in the red light district the most dangerous place in kohna(other than the forest of death which will come into the story later).

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