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I tapped into the alpha's mind and growled a little more.

"He's been here more than once. He was in the house just last night."

"What is he thinking?"

"He want's to kill me, for betraying him and becoming your mate."

I stood up and went to lay June in the crip I had made into the wall of our room.

"Lunetta where are you going?"

" to him."

I got dizzy and held on to the door knob.

"Lunetta honey-."

"I'm fine."

I gasped and my knees gave out. Aban ran over to me and touched my head.

"Mom call the pack doctor."

I nodded and said nothing.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm fine. Don't bother the doctor because I have little cold."

I tried to move.

"Don't. Mom call the doctor. Lunetta it's not a little cold baby. You have a fever and your as cold as ice."

Aban came and sat me on his lap.

"T-The alpha won't leave until some one makes him leave."

Aban carried me back to our bedroom and lay me down.

"I'll deal with him."

"No Aban. He's my problem. I'll handle him when I get some rest and feel better. Just...don't let him near the girls."

I was lay back and closed my eyes.

"You need to drink the water."

I nodded and said "I am drinking the water."

I took a sip and one of the babies cried.


"I have to go-."

"Your sick. I'm not going to risk losing you because your being stubborn. So my parents and your mom offered to look after the babies while I handle some pack buissness and let you recover."

I groned and said "They're our babies. I need to take care of them because I'm their mother. I can't-."


I fell asleep and said nothing.

I woke up and went to search for Aban. I found my mom and his parents in the nursery and said "Have any of you seen Aban?"

"No. The last time I seen him he-."

"Stop it."

I blinked and said "No finish."

"I can't. I was sworn to stay silent."

I stood up to my full height and said "I will mind block you and not let it down until you tell me."

"You wouldn't-."

I knew my eyes shifted colors to my wolves color and said "Try me. My wolf is a little out of it but I'm sure she would be more than happy to do something."

"Okay. I'll tell you. He went to track down Alpha Blake."

I stood up straight and said "Why would he do that?"

"You have been too sick to do much of anything."

I sighed and said "He's going to get himself killed. That moron."

I mind linked him.

'Hey babe.'

'Don't hey babe me! Where the hell are you?!'

'Why do you want to know?'

'Where are you?!'

'I'll be home soon.'

'Aban! You better tell me where you are!'

He sighed and said 'Please forgive me princess.'

'What did you do Aban?'

'You have to take care of the girls for a moment on your own.'

'Aban what the fuck did you do? Where are you? I'll track you down if I really have too! Where are you?!'

I sighed and said nothing. I felt some one get into my mind and said nothing. I let them through even though I really shouldn't have.

'Hello there Lunetta.'

I growled and said 'Alpha Bane. What did you do with my mate?!'

'Don't be so hostile! Meet me at the edge of your territory at midnight. I want to make sure its you so come alone and come in your human form. Also keep your mind link open. If you close it at all...I'll kill your mate.'

'If you touch my mate I will rip you to shreads in front of your entire pack!'

'Try it and see what happens. It's not to late to reject him and come live with me.'

'It is too late. I have three daughters now. I am completely in love with Aban. I'm not your mate. If he isn't home in a couple hours...I am sending pack fighters out for you and we will cross into your lands without second thoughts. We will find you and kill you are we clear?!'

I waited for his answer.

'Midnight Lunetta!'

'Don't you dare! I don't-.'

He cut the mind link and I sat down.

"He wouldn't dare touch him."

"Lunetta honey what-?"

"I need you all to keep an eye on the girls for a couple hours tonight."


"Luna buissness."

I called a pack meeting for all the fighters. I told them the plan and we moved on from there.

"Are you sure about his Luna?"

"If anything happens to Aban I'm going to have to expain all of this to our girls. If he get's killed...some one else will have to."

My best friend nodded and said "I get it."

We got things ready.

"Be careful honey."

"I'll be fine momma. I promise. You must forget a lot. But...I'm pretty powerful myself."

She smiled and said "I know you are. Your stronger than any alpha I know."

She hugged me and I stripped. I shifted and picked my clothes up out the dirt.

'Wish me luck.'

'Good luck to you all.'

I smiled and ran into the woods. I had around fourty pack fighters follow behind me.

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