I Didn't Know We Were On The Buddy System

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               After half an hour of pitching tents in awkward silence, the large group are called into a huddle by their pack leaders. "Okay guys. Now that we've got the tents up, I think we need to discuss our sleeping arrangements", Scott says with a smile, clamping his hands together. "Is this some weird trust exercise and the reason we only have a few tents?", Hayden asks, folding her arms across her chest. "That's exactly why, Hayden", Theo says with a smug smile on his face. "Now, I'll let Scott tell you who your buddy is going to be", he continues. "Buddy?", Lydia asks. "Yes. We've paired up one person from my pack with one from Theo's. This is your buddy for the trip. You cannot leave your buddy, but you can socialize with everyone as long as you stay with your body. Now, you guys ready?", Scott asks after explaining to Lydia.

               Everyone mutters a yes before Scott continues. "Okay then. Liam...you're with Corey", he says, pointing from Liam to Corey. They give each other an awkward look before turning attention back to their Alpha's. "Malia...Hayden", he continues. The girls shoot each other looks of both confusion and disgust. "Stiles...Josh", he goes on. Stiles looks over at Josh and gives him an odd look; considering that Josh had tried to kill him a few months back. "Kira...Tracy and Lydia", Scott says, putting a lot of infuses on the and as he points to them. "How come there have to be three of us together?", Kira asks, confused about her situation. "Well, we had an odd number of girls, so the three of you were put together...just because", Scott explains with a small laugh. "So, that leaves me and Theo. Which I did on purpose since we still have our rough patches to work out", he finishes before gently patting the chimera's shoulder.

              "So, go on and get with your buddy", Theo says with a grin, gesturing them together. Then, hesitantly, they all slowly move around until they're standing next to their "buddy". "Alright. Now...do whatever you want, but...", Scott begins, before the entire group cuts him off and says, "Stay with with your buddy." He gives and awkward nod before they all head off in different directions. "Well, I think that went well", Theo says, putting his hands in his pockets. "It could have gone better though", Scott replies, watchings as they all walk around in silence. A moment later, Malia looks at Hayden and says, "While I hate to break up our little team-bonding exercise, I'd like to go for a walk." "Fine. But I'm coming with you", Hayden replies with no emotion. "As a coyote", Malia says before walking off into the forest. Hayden rolls her eyes, groans, and follows her into the woods. Liam and Corey decide to head down to the river and sit, Kira and Lydia go with Tracy on a short hike, and Josh and Stiles simply decide to gather firewood for later.

                Hayden followed at a short distance as Malia made her way through the thick brush of the woods. "When exactly are you going to go coyote exactly?", she asks as she moves a branch out of her way. "When I feel like it", Malia answers with no real emotion in her voice. So, Hayden simply rolls her eyes gain as she continues to follow the older girl through the woods. Meanwhile, Liam and Corey have made their way to the river and sit on the bank of it. They sit in silence for a few minutes before Corey asks, "So, how come you didn't invite Mason?" "I did. But he said he doesn't really like camping", Liam says, knowing how Corey and Mason feel about each other. "That's to bad. I-I think he would have had a lot of fun", Corey replies. "Oh yeah. Cause we're having such a great time", Liam says sarcastically with a small laugh. Corey gives a laugh before suggesting, "We could go swimming."

                  Liam thinks for a moment before replying, "Sure. Why not? Better than sitting here doing nothing." A moment later, they take off their clothing and walk right into the river. A large chill went over Liam as the water barley even reaches his knees. "This water is f-freezing", he says, his mouth gaping open as they go deeper into it. "We've just got to used to it is all", Corey says before taking a breath and diving under. A second later, Corey's a little ways in front of Liam and comes up for air. "Y-you were r-right. I-it is f-freezing", he laughs. Liam laughs and says, "Well, like you said, we've just gotta get used." With that, he takes a breath and heads under the water. About two miles away, Kira and Lydia were walking in silence as they trudge up the hiking trail with Tracy.

                    "So Tracy...are you, um, sleeping better?", Lydia asks, trying to break the ice. Tracy looks at her oddly and says, "Yeah. Now that I know what happened, I sleep like a baby." Hearing the sarcasm in her voice, Lydia doesn't reply in hopes of dropping the topic. They walk on in silence before Kira can't take it anymore. "Okay, can we just not be awkward anymore? I mean, we're pretty much stuck with each other for the next few days, so we might as well do our best to be comfortable being around one another", she says, making Lydia and Tracy give each other weird looks as they look from each other to Kira. "Okay, Kira. We're just not good at conversations anymore", Tracy says as they begin walking again. Not far away, Stiles and Josh are searching for wood to make a fire. They walk in silence as Stiles picks up a few sticks and even throwing some in Josh's direction. Finally, Josh decides to break the silence. "So...sorry for trying to kill you a few weeks ago", he says awkwardly. Stiles turns to face him and says, "Really? That's the way you're starting this whole thing?"

                     Josh gives him a dirty look before asking, "Well what else am I supposed to start with? The only experiences we've had together are me attacking you at the hospital and then me falling next to you cause Tracy paralyzed us both." They stand in silence for a minute before Stiles chuckles slightly. "That was pretty funny", he says, remembering them both lying there and just watching as Scott talked with Theo. Soon, Josh laughs too and says, "I guess it was." Soon, believe it or not, they actually start having a good time. Back at the tents, Scott and Theo are sitting around the fireless pit, drinking beers, and watching the others. "You know Theo...I'm really glad we thought of this", Scott says with a smile, taking a drink of his beer. "Same", Theo replies with a grin.

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