More Than Friends Part 3

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"Sorry Miss. I shouldn't have said that, I don't think. Sorry Rachell too. It sort of slipped out. Didn't mean it." I said before the teacher could say anything.

"Well then. Don't let it happen again, Jenny." Ms Kook said. Nothing else was mentioned about going to the principal either.

"No Miss." I said to her with a smile. Then I just looked at Rachel. No smile, no expression. Just looked. Her on the other hand, she looked at me with eyes full of hate. I just shake my head wondering what it was that I did that made her hate me so much.

And so our day went. I didn't have Rachel in all the classes, just a couple. Most of the time she didn't bug me. I don't let her anyway. She's not worth the aggravation. After school, I met up with Mack, of course, out the front of the school.

We usually head off down town to the local café where we catch up with how each of our days went as well as share a milkshake. That was when it was hot, not when the day was cold. That's when we'd share a hot chocolate. Or two.

I really loved sharing my time with Mack. He would help me with my homework and I would help him with his too. Between us, we were doing pretty good with our grades, actually, we were doing better than good. But we don't skite about it. Not to anyone.

After Mack left to go home from my place after finishing our homework, I had a quick shower before Mum called everyone down for dinner. I loved it when we had dinner together as a family. Not because Mum is such a good cook, even though I haven't tasted anyone's cooking better than my Mum's, but it was the one time where we were all together in the one place as a family.

"It's where we all could talk about our day with Mum and dad. But this dinner was different. We could sense that there was something worrying our parents. It wasn't long before we found out.

It was the factory that still wanted to open a business here. The one that Mack's dad worked for. He still didn't come down and live here much during the week, just once or twice during the week and every second weekend.

Dad was saying that it looked like there was some internal problems that business was having which could affect some who lived here that had unfortunately invested in it. It was worse than they thought as there was mention of someone stealing from within the company. Or something like it.

Dad couldn't understand why anyone here would do that anyway. Both invest and steal. Maybe the person doing it was actually doing both of those things. That wasn't very nice as lots of people would get hurt and lose lots of money, a real lot. Dad said in a sad voice that some people might even lose their homes because of it.

I don't know what it would be like to lose our home, and for those who do, it must be really scary. But Dad looked around at us and said that we were going to be okay. We were going to be some of the lucky ones. 

"Not all of our extended family won't be." He said quietly to Mum as we were finishing up with our dinner. I suppose that means that some of those  we went to school with will be affected to, I thought to myself. I wondered who, though.

Anyway, Dad turned to Jimmy and asked him how his day went, and of course Jimmy told him everything from "the dog down the road coming up and pooping on Miss Lilah's flower garden next door. Then Miss Lilah went and grabbed her broom and chased that dog all the way home."

"And what about school?" Dad asked Jimmy who was shovelling his food into his mouth.

"Teacher said I was as smart as a whip, real smart." Jimmy managed around a mouthful of food. But he quickly shut his mouth and ate when Mum gave him 'the look' she gives us when she's warning us about something.

"I heard you banging and clanging up in your room earlier, son. What was that about?" dad was asking him again.

"I was tweaking my computer. I was learning all about spy-cams." He said after he swallowed his mouthful of food. From what he was chewing, I'd say it was potato he was chewing. It was gross.

"I'm learning how you videotape in stealth mode." My ten year old brother was saying. I just looked at him and shook my head. He is so smart, it's scary. One day, he could rule the world with how smart he was. What was really scary is that no one would know it was him doing it.

Mum and Dad just looked at him in wonder. Maybe they was wondering where on earth he came from. Then they just laughed. They knew he was theirs. He looked just like them. dad reached over and ruffled Jimmy's hair as he smiled. Anyway, it was a nice quiet evening at home that night. Nice and peaceful.

Pity that the following day wasn't. It was going to be horrendous.

This chapter is just a filler of sorts that sets the scene for what's coming unexpectedly in the next chapter. Any questions and queries, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thanks LACH.

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