Two months later

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These last two weeks were slow! I had to stay in the hospital so they could make sure the baby was doing fine. So normally they kept the other two with me. I would have sent them home with Aban but let's face it...he's a new father and he would have no idea what to do with two out of three of our triplets even with help.

"'s momma today?"

"Momma is tired and the baby is kicking up a storm."

"That's wounderful news. Let's check the baby's heart beat."

I nodded and said nothing. I listened to June's heart and smiled.

"She's as strong as ever. She's going to be a little spit fire when she grows up."

"I can feel that by the way she's kicking me. A soccer star maybe? Maybe a track runner I don't know. But she's strong."

"That's good news."

"I know it is."

I smiled and sat back in the bed. Aban came in and said "Listen to my beautiful mates heart and than there's my little survivors heartbeat. Stronger than ever."

I smiled as Aban came over and kissed me. I relaxed and said "So...Aban todays the day we get to meet little June."

"I know. I brought the babies bags, their car seats and we can't forget their grandparents."

"You brought them too?"

"Yes I did. It was either bring them or they would follow me here anyway. So...I chose to be less difficult."

"Good call."

I felt pressure in my lower abdomen and grabbed Aban's hand.


"Contractions getting closer together?"

I nodded and said "It's over...oh wait here comes-! Oh shit!"

I squeezed his hand and he said "I think she's ready to push."

"I think she is too."

She called in a nurse and said "Get ready luna. It should be a lot easier now that you're only pushing out one and not three."

"Won't that be harder?!"


I pushed and pushed hard.

"I see the head. She has beautiful silver hair."

'Silver hair?!'

I pushed again and again.

"She's almost there. One more push and you'll be in the clear."

I pushed a little and heard a cry.

"She's healthy."

I sat back and watched Aban clip her cord. She was set on my stomach while they wiped her down.

"She's so beautiful."

I felt tears fall down my face and said "It's over. We're parents."

"Again for the third time in two weeks. Let's not make this a habbit okay?"

I laughed and he kissed my head. He wiped away the tears and said "Smile princess. Three out of three of our babies made it."

"I know. I'm so happy."

He was crying too.

"Oh babe. Are you crying?"

"Yes I am. Sue me."

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