Four Months Later

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I sat up and looked at Aban. We have been waiting for this day for the last four months. We were finally going to find out the sex of the baby. I had went to the doctor for my check up with my mother and I could have found out than but I wanted Aban to be there with me. Not my mother. I would have to tell them when we got home.



I smiled and said "Aban wake up. Today's the appointment."

"What appointment?"

I took his hand and placed it on my growing stomach.

"The appointment that we get to find out what the baby is."

He slowly sat up and streatched. I stood up and went to shower. I relaxed and rubbed my stomach with soap.

'I'm going to be a mother in a couple weeks.'

Werewolf pregnacy's only last five months. I was nervous as hell but...I want to see my baby. We would work night and day to get the nursery finished in time for the arrivel. We hoped. I got out and put on a light blue tank top and a pair of black shorts and flats. I sat down on the bed to put my shoes on but I couldn't reach my feet. So I lay on my side and tried to put them on that way. Epic fail.

"Damn it!"

Aban came in and saw what I was trying to do. He smiled and shook his head.

"Didn't my mother say take care of yourself?"

"And I am. I need to put my shoes on."

I tried again and failed. Again. The look on Aban's face was priceless. I pouted and said "Help me please?"

He smiled and said "I wanted to watch a little longer. But because it looks like your going to pop a rib out of place in like two seconds. Sit up love."

I tried and failed.

"Help me please."

He helped me sit up and put my shoes on for me.

"Thank you."

He looked up at me and said "You are the sexyest woman I have ever laid eyes on."

I smiled and said "Your just saying that because I'm your mate and I'm pregnant."

"I mean it."

I heard the hint of worry in his voice.

"Why are you so worried?"

"Well...for you only having one baby in there your pretty big. Are you sure there's only one in there?"

I nodded and said "The doctor said there's only one. Why?"

"I think the doctor was lying to you."

"Why say that?"

He pressed his ear to my stomach and said "I hear one heartbeat, that's yours. I hear another, babys. Than another one. Than-."


"It's faint but I think I hear another one."

"Does that mean-?"


I suddenly got nervous again.

'Realx Lunetta. It's alright. We're going to the doctor to check it out. It's alright.'

I smiled and said nothing. If it was triplets...I wanted a c-section. I wasn't pushing out three big heads. If it's triples...god that thought is super scary.

We left for the appointment.

We pulled up to the doctors office and checked in. We were taken to the back and a woman around the age of maybe 30 but knowing how werewolves age it was more like 60.

"I see your back. Ready to know about he sex of the baby?"

"Yes. Also could you please make sure there's only one in there?"

"I'm sure there was only one in there, but I could get another doctor to check it out. She might see something diffrent than I do."

I nodded and said "Okay. I would just like to know if I'm carrying more than one so I know what to expect."

She put the cold gel on my stomach and I said "Isn't there a way to warm this stuff up?"

"I don't think it would work as well but we'll work on it."

She checked on the baby and I waited. Aban held my hand and the doctor got this look on her face.

"What is it doctor?"

"I-I'm not sure alpha. I'll bring another doctor in to check it out."

"Well what do you think is wrong?"

"I'm not allowed to say unless I'm right. In order to do that I need my supervisors opinion."

I nodded and she left the room.

'Don't stress out about it Lunetta. I'm sure everything is fine.'

I sat back and relaxed. If I thought about it too much I would freak myself, Aban and stress the baby out even more than needed. So I closed my eyes and went to my happy place.

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