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"I didn't hear anything if you didn't want me too."

"You heard everything didn't you?!"


I pushed my food away and said "I'm suddenly not hungry."

She laughed and said "So...should we get Colla and leave to go shopping?"

I smiled and nodded. I pocketed the credit card and left. I locked up the house and went to find Aban's mother.

"Hello dear. Are you feeling alright? How's the baby?"

I smiled and said "I'm feeling fine. The baby is great. I was just woundering if you would like to come with me and my mother to some baby stores and clothes shopping."

Her green eyes lit up like a christmas tree on December 25th.

"I would love too! Let me get my purse and car keys."

"Okay. I also invited my three best friends. They'll be meeting us there."


She left and returned ten minutes later. She looked worried.


I smiled and said "Yes?"

"Did you lock up the main house?"

"Yes. I made sure I turned off the oven, the stove, all the lights and lock the door. Why?"

She shifted back and fourth on her feet and I asked again.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Um...I would get some pack fighters in the house right away."

"Why what's wrong?"

"I'm not sure. But...if my wolf is correct there's some thing in your house right now."

I summoned a group of pack fighters, gave them the key to the main house and sent them to check it out. I sat down and waited. They were back an hour later and I stood up.


"There was some one there. Unfimiler scent thought, I'm quite worried about it."

"Was it some one from a pack? Or one of the rouges I heard about from earlyer?"

"We have reason to believe that it was another Alpha in the pack house."

"Well all the alpha's have gone home to their packs. What-?"

My heart stopped and I caught onto a scent I know well.

"He wouldn't dare!"

They all looked at me and said "What is it luna?"

I touched my stomach and said "It's that alpha dad wanted to set me up with. He was in the pack house just a moment ago."

I was shaking so much.

'Don't shift here. It's not safe.'

I relaxed and said "Keep an eye on the pack territory. Use the pack mind link if something goes wrong."

"Yes luna."

They bowed their heads in respect and we left.

'I can't believe he had the nerve to actually break into our house!'

I heard Aban break through our mind link.

'Who broke into our house? Where you inside? Are you alright? What about the baby?'

'Alpha Blake. I wasn't inside. I'm fine. The baby is great as always. Just fussy.'

'Good. I'll be home when you get back. Remember buy something sexy.'

'You won't want to see me in lace in a couple weeks. I promise you. I'll have a huge baby bump and streatch marks on top of it.'

'Actually that kind of turns me on big time.'

I sat back in my seat and said 'Really?'

'Oh yeah. The thought of you being pregnant with my baby and you underneath me makes my member go harder and harder the more I think about it.'

I smiled and looked around the car. He was using our mate link so no one could drop in on us. I smiled at the thought and said 'Believe it or kind of does sound like a turn on.'


'Yeah. We'll have to make it a point to do that when I'm big and pregnant.'

'Looking forword to it.'

I smiled and we pulled up to the store. We shopped for the rest of the day.

"So what did you buy?"

I smiled and said "Since I don't know what the baby is yet...I figured that I would wait to buy the clothes and the dresser. I got some cute shirts and ordered a crib, picked up some dippers, wipes, teathing toys, and ordered a chaning table."

"So you got a lot taken care of?"

"No where close. Once we know the sex of the baby well...then the real work begins. We have to set up the nursery, which includes painting the walls, getting the dresser, rocking chair, stroller, car seat and than that's not including the clothes the baby needs. Plus I want it to be bottle fed for when we-."

"Wait. Hold on. You don't want to breastfeed?"

"Of course I want to breastfeed. But what about those moments we have pack buissness to attened to? I can't bring the baby with me. Excpesaly if it can evolve into a fight. I don't want the baby around that just yet. I want the baby to live a semi-normal life before it's first shift. Like...I don't know. It will know about werewolves, know that it is one but I want to send it to a human school until the day it shifts. Something I regreat not doing. I stayed in the stupid pack school all because my father said it was a good idea. Yeah right."

"I see what you mean. How about this. You can brestfeed when your home and than every couple hours you pump and store the milk in the fridge?"

I smiled and said "Sounds good actually. That way the baby will still be breast fed but through a bottle."

I sighed and said "That's another thing I have to add to my list. A breast pump and bottles. What type of nipples do I get for a new born? I hear that you have to pick a certien type to match your own nipple. God that's not going to be easy."

Aban came up behind me and said "I can help with that."


He reached his hands up my shirt and pinched my nipples. I groned and said "Do that again."

He did and I felt them get hard. The heat and sparks that came with his touch sent me into ectacy. I backed into him and said "I want you to take me. Now."

He scooped me up and took me to our room.

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