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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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I felt my heart stop the man everyone in the country feared was here, in my little sanctuary. A wave of panic surged through my veins as I realized the man I had only heard horrifying stories about was now walking towards me. I wanted to look at him, all of him, but his eyes were too hypnotic I was unable to look away long enough to even get a glance at what I was up against here. The silver that seemed to swarm through his eyes was pulling me in, luring me into a devastating trap. His voice finally broke me out of the trance.

"How are you feeling?" I stood there trying to compose myself enough to answer but the raw power that he gave out kept me frozen in my spot. It was nearly tangible in the air, as if if I reached out to touch him there'd be some sort of current around him, some physical barrier that surrounded him. Something so devastatingly powerful it was electrifying.

"I'm, I'm fine." I finally managed to say trying to decide between two phrases considering what would sound more convincing. He stood there looking at me his hands tucked into the pockets of his expensive grey suit, his eyes so calculating I felt like he could see right through me. His silver gaze was burning, so intense it felt as if simply one glance from those eyes could penetrate through every possible barrier. As if it weren't possible to hide something from them. He didn't say anything just nodded in response to my pathetic answer.

We stood in silence for a moment his eyes piercing making my skin erupt with goosebumps. I tried to find anything to do to get him out of there as fast as possible for the way he looked at me shook me to my core something unrecognizable in his eyes.

I tried to focus on wiping the spill again hoping that would make him leave but he simply stood there, and I realized he was probably waiting for me to thank him. It was only appropriate the man had saved my life, the very least I could do was thank him. The aura he emitted made me forget how grateful I was.

"Thank you." I said finally looking up.
He raised his eyebrow questioningly at my random idiotic outburst. I felt heat travel up my face. My short lived victory at having spoken to him without stuttering being suppressed under the embarrassment of my manic behaviour. It were as if every time I opened my mouth I spew out something with the goal only to humiliate myself, and then people wondered as to why I was quiet.

"Y-you stopped that man that night and I-I just wanted to thank you. I'm very grateful for what you did." I mumble softly, looking down again not having the courage to face the man. Crossing my fingers in the hopes that he'd heard my soft voice.
"You're welcome love." He answered in his husky velvety voice. He stood there silently gazing at me as I clutched the bar cloth tightly within my hands, but there was something in the silence that made me not wish to break it.

"I- uh my shift is over I'm just gonna leave." I said awkwardly.
"Is there anywhere I can drive you?" He asked and I shook my head frantically but realized I seemed rude. Leave it to me to offend the man that had saved my life, and manages to scare the living daylights out of the whole town simultaneously.

"I-I mean I'll manage but really, thank you once again." I said staring directly at his broad chest, my eyes flickering to his gaze as I thank him.
"If you're sure." He stated simply although for a moment I thought he might protest. There was a slight hesitancy in his voice, a strange reluctance, something he'd tried to disguise, it bordered nearly on desperation. But what he was desperate for I would never know. I nodded not trusting myself to speak.

"Take care of yourself love." The man said, turning away from me and walking out of the tiny cafe. For a moment I wondered if he'd even make it through the door with how imposingly large he seemed, shaking my head at my own thoughts. He was large but he wasn't Godzilla. I feared it was more likely I'd be able to hold my own against Godzilla than I would Xavier Night. The light jingling of the bell resonating around in the silence of the now empty cafe in his wake.

I felt myself finally able to breathe, when I had lost sight of the large imposing man although my heart still hammered in my chest frightfully.

I quickly flipped the sign out front to closed and ran to the tiny room in the back. I nearly barged in but realized Maggie would ask questions if I did and I wanted nothing more than to cuddle into the warm comfort of my bed. Of course if Maggie were to know Mr.Night had come to speak to me it was quite likely the two buffoons I lovingly called friends would know by tomorrow at the latest as well. She wasn't one to gossip, but Maggie knew they were nearly always with me when I wasn't in the cafe, and being her concerned self she'd want them to know.

I composed myself smoothing my hair down and catching my breath before slowly opening the door and smiling at Maggie who sat there recording the sales of the day. Her small slightly plump frame hunched over slightly on the chair as she focused on the package of sheets she still had yet to do. I wished to offer to help but she'd never accept my help, she always told me the perks of not being a owner was no paperwork and she'd forever hold a small grudge against Cyrus for objecting her to such torture. Perhaps it was the reason he still made the ever gruelling scones, Maggie would forever hold that over him. Although it wasn't as if he wouldn't ever do anything she requested of him. Decades into their marriage and they were still enamoured by each other, but it was Maggie who benefitted most from this.

I grabbed my things taking my apron off setting it down before pecking Maggie on the cheek in farewell. I tried to walk normally out of the cafe but when I was outside I couldn't help myself and nearly sprinted the whole way home ignoring the looks of the people I passed by.

Finally reaching home I let myself in, dropping the keys into their glass holder. The keys making a clanking sound in the quiet apartment. My neighbours were mostly the elderly, awake at strange times, but still very quiet. I poured a kettle of water on the stove for my tea before going to change into my comfiest, warmest and fuzziest pyjamas.

I set up my favorite chick flick hoping to forget about everything that happened today by losing myself in Zac Efron's beautiful eyes.

I grabbed one of my favourite tea cups from the cabinet, pouring tea straight from the kettle into it. The sweet almost leafy but not quite scent of green tea filled my nostrils and I felt my frown lines disappear. Dropping in a spoon of sugar and stirring it, I retired to my room, closing all the lights on my way. Settling myself into the comforts of my blankets, I played the movie. Losing myself in the romantic depths of it.

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