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"Lunetta where are you going?"

"To gather everyone from the midnight pack. I want them all at our pack party since they too are part of the pack. We can double this as a pack binding party."

Aban smiled and kissed me.

"You are too smart."

I smiled and shifted in the bedroom.

'Welcome the rest without me. I'll be back.'

'Okay. Love you.'

'Love you too.'

I ran out the house with my mother close behind.

We reached the pack a little before ten.

"Is that Lunetta?!"

"She's back!"

I changed back to my human form and put on my outdoor outfit.

"Welcome back Lunetta."

I smiled as my friends Arica, Dea and Carla came and hugged me.

"Your marked. I like."

"Well thank you."

"What are you doing back? You're father-."

"Is dead."


"My father is dead."

"What happened?"

"He pissed off my wolf."

"You killed the alpha?!"

It got silent and I said "I was ment to take over when I was 18. He was planning on killing me and my mate. I would not allow him to take over anything that had to do with me ever again. Therefore he had to be killed. So I killed my own father."

I looked at everyone and said "I have an important announcment."

They all got silent. They could sense I was in charge now.

"We're all going to the Full Moon pack house. We will be moving in once every house is done."

I looked at anyone and said "My mate and I would like to invite you to our pack party. We will be most greatful if you were to come. Thank you. You can follow-."

Suddenly I felt sparks.

"Aban did you follow me?"

"Yes. How's it going?"


Everyone sounded thrilled to meet their new alpha and I was their luna.

"Shall we?"

I nodded and we got in the cars.

'I hope everything will be okay.'

Aban took my hand and said 'I'm sure everything will be okay.'

I smiled and said nothing. I relaxed and said "I love you."

"I love you too."

I dressed in a long dark blue flowing dress and went to help prepair food for the party.

"Oh you're finally up."

I mind linked Aban.

'What did you tell them?'

'I told them you weren't feeling well.'

I smiled and washed my hands. I helped with the pies and everyone stopped and watched what I was doing.

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