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We went downstairs and he answered the door.

"Hey baby."

"Hello mom, hello dad."

I stayed next to him as his parents hugged him. I missed my parents a lot.

"Who's this lovely young lady?"

"I'm Lunetta Midnight."

"Your Alpha David's daughter right?"

"Yes sir."

I shook his father's hand and smiled.

"Come in."

We went to sit in the den.

"Why does she smell like a rouge?"

"She was a rouge until I found her a couple hours ago."


I smiled and said "Can I get anyone anything to drink?"

"No thanks. Honey why did you go rouge?"

"My father set up for me to be married to an Alpha that's almost 90 years old, I didn't want to so I ran. I got caught and banished because my father didn't want to kill his own daughter. I think he was hoping that some one else might so he wouldn't have to come searching for me."

"Oh dear. That sounds horrible."

"It wasn't that bad. I was only rouge for almost a day. If it was more I might have told you different."

I smiled and said nothing.

"She's a charming young lady Aban."

I relaxed against him and he said "I know she is."

He smiled down at me and rubbed the back of my hand a little bit. It was comforting to know he was right there the entire time.

"Well its late. I think we should get going."

"Okay. Well thanks for coming over."

"Of course."

"Can you two promise me something?"


"On Saturday...I'm having a pack party can you keep this quite until than?"

"Sure. But honey you should really mask her scent through out the pack house than. It's overwealming."

"It's already taken care of."

"Okay. We'll keep quite until the party on Saturday."

"Thank you."

We went to bed right after they left. The next day I went to sit in his office and read a book while he was in a meeting. I heard them talking about the party.

"I invited all the Alphas and their familys."

"That's very kind of you sir. All the alphas?"

"Alpha who is that on the couch?"

I looked up and said "I'm sorry. I can leave if you would like?"

"No. She's the daughter of Alpha David. He sent her ahead. Leave her alone."

"Yes Alpha."

I kept reading my book and finished it as soon as the others walked out the room. I stood up and said "So...when is my father and mother getting here?"

"Soon baby. Would you like to go hide out in your room?"

I shook my head and said "No. From here I'm going to move on. But I can't move on without facing my father."

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