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He bit into my soft spot and I was speechless. I could feel his DNA flowing through my vains and joining with mine. It hurt a little bit but after that it was wounderful. I felt him pull out and wimpered a little bit. He chuckled and his body shook the bed a little bit. My body reacted to his and I said nothing.

"I think that's enough for tonight."

I opened my eyes and watched him stand up.

'No fair!'

He laughed and picked up my backpack.

"Come on."

He held his hand out to me and I took it.

"Where are we going?"

"To the pack house."

I didn't argue. I wanted this man so bad right now.

We checked out of the hotel and he took my hand. We walked through the woods along a path. I let my hair down to dry better. He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"You're pretty damn sexy."

"So are you."

He kissed my forhead and I smiled. I felt safe in his arms.

"Here we are."

I looked at the house before us and I said "This is the pack house?"

"Yeah. It's still a little too small, works."

I was shocked. My father's pack house was smaller than this.

"Come on."

We went inside and I gasped a little bit. The entry way was amazing. It had marble floors, a double staircase and a huge crystal lighting fixture.


He chuckled and said "The pack lives here."

"You don't?"

He shook his head and I said "Where do you live then?"

He pulled me through the kitchen to the back. There was a bigger house behind it. I stopped outside of it and said "Wow."

He laughed and said "Come inside."

We went inside and he shut the door. It was the same set up of the other house.

"Wow. Okay then."

He showed me around.

"This is the basic livingroom, den, dinningroom and kitchen."

I nodded and he took me upstairs.

"Up here is where the guests stay. The guests that are Alpha's or Beta's that is. This room is my office. You are welcome in here at any time you want to be."

His office was like a normal office. Shelves of books and a huge oak desk with a leather chair behind it. Two recliners in front of it and on each side of the room white couches. He pulled my hand and showed me which rooms were the guest rooms.

"Now is the main event."

He took my waist and pulled me to a set of double doors. He threw them open and said "This is our bed room."

I was surprised. He had CD's, a stario, a huge flat screen tv, a row of movies, shelves of books and in the center of the room was a huge king size bed with a lace curtien on everyside it. It hardly looked like this place was touched.

"Everything in here looks brand new."

"Because it is."


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