'Wow. She's beautiful.'

'She's perfect now. But imagane her cleaned up and awake.'

He purred and I felt my heart sweel with pride. She was all mine. Ment just for me.

'Alpha what should we do with her?'

'Wait till she wakes up. Don't touch her.'


'That's an order. I'll wait here. You get back to the pack. I'll call you if I need anything else.'

'Yes Alpha.'

Felix left and quietly shut the door. I grabbed a rag and wiped her face.


Her lips looked so kissable. I loved the way they looked so full and smooth.

'Man I want to kiss those lips so badly.'

'Even I know that's a bad idea but...so do I. Can you sense her wolf?'

I sat there for a minute and said 'Her wolf just radiates power.'

'That's the blood of an Alpha. Maybe her father?'

'Why would an Alpha's daughter go rouge? It makes no sence.'

'I'm just glade she's here. You should be too.'

I was happy she was here. Now I had to keep her with me. I wanted to move her without waking her up and scaring the crap out of her. I finished wipeing her face and sat back. I had to come up with a plan to get her to my house with out waking her up.


I was sleeping so nicely. I didn't want to wake up ever. Suddenly Charlet had to speak up.

'Someone is in the room! We need to go now!'

'No. I'm to tired Charlet.'

'Our life could be at risk! We need to run now. Get away from here.'

I blocked her out my head and turned over.

'Just stop worrying Char. It's fine. If we get killed it's on my father.'

'I'm not ready to die!'


I was fourced to open my eyes by my wolf.

'Let's run! Now! Grab our things and run!'

I sat up and looked around the room. I saw this huge guy sitting on the couch. I got scared and jumped out of the bed. Banging my knee on the bedside table and the lamp feel over and broke into a million pieces.

'Crap! Ow that hurt!'

He jumped off the couch and looked at me. I froze and looked at him. I was a little nervous. Charlet on the other hand said 'Wait! Don't run!'

I couldn't move.

"Are you alright?"

I nodded and my wolf purred. His voice sounded like honey. His scent was stronge. Like the woods and calogne. I ignored her and grabbed my back pack. My stomach growled and I turned red. Then the guy said "I'm not going to hurt you."

I ran into the bathroom and shut the door. I stripped, jumped in the shower and scrubbed my body clean.

'Go back out there! He's our mate!'

'He's an alpha!'

'He's our mate!'

'I'm not fighting about this!'

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