The Alpha

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I hung up.


"A female rouge is in our territory."

"A female rouge? That's rare."

"Extreamly rare. But...that's alright. I'm going to go find out what she wants."

"Would you like someone to come with you just in case?"

"Yes please. I would like you to come with me."

"Yes Alpha. I can't believe a rouge would willingly tresspass."

"Or maybe she didn't know she was tresspassing."

"Either way."

I shook my head. My wolf Torm was getting antsy about something.

'What's your problem Torm?!'

'You don't feel that pull?'

I stopped and shook my head. There was a strange tugging fource at my chest and my wolf must have loved it.

'It smells like...chocolate and roses.'

I sniffed the air and noticed the faint scent. It was so arousing and yet very far away.

'I want to see what it is. Keep walking!'

I walked faster and the scent hit me stronger. I stopped in front of the hotel and took a deep breath through my nose. It was coming from in there. I couldn't stop my legs from running through the doors.


I walked past them and kept following the scent.

"Alpha Aban what's-?"

I stopped outside a door and looked at the room number.

'Room. 2.'

I looked at the girl sitting at the front desk talking to Felix. My beta was such a flirt all the time. I wish he would find his mate already.

"Excuse me?"

"Yes Alpha?"

"Who's in room two?"

"The female rouge I told you about. She hasn't been out for a couple hours. Poor thing looks like she ran through a mud puddle and fell in a dirt pile."

I nodded and moved my black hair out my face.

"Let me inside."


"Just let me in. I'm sure she's sleeping."

The girl nodded. Her red hair fell down her back and her green eyes looked for the spare key. We followed her to the room and she swiped the key. I nodded in thanks and we went inside.

The scent hit me like a ton of bricks. My wolf was excited now.

'Calm that crap down.'

He growled at me and didn't listen. I rolled my eyes and let him be. He never listened to me.

'Oh my. Alpha?'


'She's actually quite beautiful.'

I went up behind him and he moved. I got on my knee and moved her hair out her face. I couldn't tell if it was blond, black or brown because it was caked with dirt and mud. My wolf was suddenly calm and I tuned in to him.

'Why are you calm-?'

'Mate. She's our mate.'

I looked down at the girl and she moved.

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