Being Mated on a Full Moon

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'Stop where you are!'

I kept running. My wolf Charlet wanted to come out and tare these people apart. But I knew that would make things worse.

'Stop Charlet! You'll get us killed!'

'We're already dead in case you haven't noiced!'

'Maybe marrying some stranger isn't so bad.'

'A stranger that isn't our mate!'

'I know. Maybe I can make a deal with the alphas. Explain my side of the story.'

'Or maybe they'll lock you up until the wedding. Than lock us up until you get prego with the guys pups. Do you want that?'

'No. You're right. Let's keep running.'

I heard paws and feet running after me. I should have been paying attention and tripped on a rock. I landed on my knees and said nothing.

'There you are!'

I was stood up and I said "Please? You don't understand I can't-."


I shut up and my wolf bowed down before my father's huge gray wolf.

'Why did you run?'

"I can't stand the thought of marrying someone that's not my mate. What if I find my mate later on in life. I'll have to reject him because of some arranged marrage you signed me up for? I don't want that."

'You think I do?! I'm worried about you!'

"Than let me wait for my mate dad. Please?"

I sighed and said nothing.

'You ran. Just because I'm your father doesn't mean you can be-.'

'I understand.'

I lowered my head and my wolf said 'We will accept our punishment without fighting.'

I bowed down and my mother started talking with my father.

'She's scared. Don't do this. She's still our daughter. Our only child.'

My father growled at my mother and she backed down.

'You and Charlet will have plenty of time to think about what you have done. You are no longer allowed in this pack until I come for you.'

'Father are you banishing me?'

'You leave right now! If you return before I come get you, we won't hesitate to kill you.'

I nodded and said "Yes Alpha."

I turned and ran.

'How could you? She's our daughter and she scared enough!'

'I don't need your giult speech! Let's go home.'

I ran and said nothing.

'I can't believe he banished us!'

'We had it coming Charlet. It's better than the latter.'

I don't know how long I ran for but after a certien amount of time...I became a rouge and being a female rouge is super dangrous. I must have crossed over 3 state lines before I had to stop for a rest.

'Look at that cute little hotel.'

I had on my favorite nike sweat pants, a sweater, and my favoite nike shoes. I had a couple thousand in my pocket and my bag was full of clothes. If I was going to get caught than the wolves that caught me would be very lucky.

'Let's get some rest. I'm tired.'

I hushed Charlet and walked up to the hotel.

"How much is a room here?"

"How long do you want one?"

'How long does he plan on keeping me banished?'

'He didn't say.'

I sighed and said "A couple of days."

I filled out the form and grabbed my key.

"Enjoy your stay."

"Thank you."

My room was on the first floor closest to the reception desk. I sat down and listened hard.

"Yes alpha. It's a rouge."

'Is she talking about us?'

'We're rouge now! Think for two seconds!'

We tuned back in.

"It's a female though. Looks like she's been through hell."

I couldn't hear the person on the other end but I knew they were talking about me.

"Yes sir. I'll hold her here for a couple days."

She hung up. I growled and said 'We have to leave here. Now.'

My wolf was whinning at me.

'Let's get some sleep please? I'm tired and than let's go find a decent place so we can eat. I'm starved.'

Than for dramtic effect my stomach growled. I groned and lay on the bed. I was out in two nano seconds.

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