L'invito (The invitation)

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"Well what shall we do about that?" A slivernette asked the brunette behind a fancy paper filled desk. The brunette looked up from the paper he had in his hand.

"I don't know Hayato, my mother wants me to visit her that same week and I promised her I would drag my father with me so I had originally had that week marked as busy since I was going to be in Japan so it wouldn't hurt to go, it's the same week we are going to be in Japan anyway." The brunette said looking at the silvernette, Hayato, who was also thinking it was not a bad idea to go and show all of his bosses old bullies.

"Alright when are we leaving?" Hayato asked standing up from the couch he had been sitting in since his boss called for him.

"We leave in three hours." Vongola Decimo said standing up and grabbing a briefcase from a self.

"Yes Tsuna I'll let them know of the slight schedule change." Hayato said before leave Tsuna's office to go tell the other guardians. Once Hayato left Tsuna picked up his phone dialing the number for the CEDEF HQ.

"Hello Decimo what can I do for you today?" The person who answered the phone asked.

"Could you please send Sawada Iemitsu to my mansion and please make sure he's ready to go to Japan for a week?" Tsuna said with a smirk which promised pain if defied.

"Yes right away Decimo." The lady on the other end said before hanging up. Tsuna hung up the phone with a sadistic smirk and gleam in his eyes. Everyone that past Tsuna's office shivered fearing for who ever that sadistic aura was for. A few minutes later and the head of the CEDEF walked towards the office of his only son also known as the Decimo of Vongola, Tsunayoshi de Vongola. Iemitsu knocked on the door with extreme cation.

"Come in dad." Tsuna said from with in the office. Iemitsu gulped but opened the door and stepped in.

"Why have you called for me Tsuna?" Iemitsu asked the sadistic looking 24 year old seated in a boss seat behind his desk.

"You are going to Japan with me and my guardians for a week no you can not decline and no you can't escape it either. This is a order from your boss also a statement from your son." Tsuna said fiddling with a pebble he keeps in his desk drawer. Iemitsu shivered at the memory on why Tsuna keeps that pebble so close.

Flash back

Tsuna was taking a walk in the town just out side of the Vongola mansion, alone, when a thug stopped him demanding money at gun point.

"I'm sorry sir but I don't have anything of value on me ." Tsuna stated calmly.

"Yeah right someone like you who dresses like that all ways has something of value on them. How about that ring give it to me!" The thug demanded.

"You're not going to be getting my ring." Tsuna glared at the man. The man growled and fired his gun which Tsuna evaded the bullet easily. Tsuna picked up a pebble tossing it up catching it on it's way down.

"That was a bad move on your part." Tsuna said as he dodged several more bullets before throwing the pebble he had in his hand through the mans skull killing him.

"Never attack the one who is protecting you from with in the underworld." Tsuna said before picking up the pebble he had thrown and walking back towards the mansion his good mood gone.

Flash back end

"Why must I come?" Iemitsu asked a little wary that it sounded like decline

"Because mom made me promise to drag you with me when ever I go to visit her plus nether one of us has been home since the inheritance ceremony nearly 5 years ago!" Tsuna said ending in a stern voice. Iemitsu nodded in agreement.

"I see your point Tsuna when do we leave?" Iemitsu asked slowly backing up to sit down on the couch that was in the room.

"In two hours. Please be there on time or I will have Kyoya hunt you down and I know you don't want that." Tsuna said to a paling Iemitsu.

"Alright I will go get ready then my little Tuna-fish!" Iemitsu practically yelled as he jumped up and ran out the door. Tsuna just sighed and started to put some paper work that didn't need to be done immediately in the brief case.

Time skip two hours later!

Tsuna had finished the important papers which mostly where bills and was now currently seated between Hayato and Takeshi with his father next to Hayato. Tsuna was quite irritated because of Kyoya and Mukuro who where glaring daggers at each other filling the limo with an aura that very well could of been cut with a pair of scissors.

"Kyoya, Mukuro will you stop it or do you want to walk to Japan because I don't want you to blow the plane UP!" Tsuna said finally snapping.

"Kufufufufu Tsunayoshi finally snapped 'not good'" Mukuro said thinking the last part but decided not to say it and looked out the window the was next to him.

"Omnivore...." Kyoya said decided to take a nap with hybird on his head.

"Tsuna, Tsuna" 4 little hybirds chirped from Tsuna's hair.

"There you four are how long have you been in my hair?" Tsuna asked the four yellow birds each with their unique colored feather. The ones that weren't asleep sweat dropped at their boss' actions who normally would be able to sense the four birds.

"Tsuna are you okay?" Takeshi ask slightly concerned that his best friend and boss wasn't really acting like himself.

"I'm fine why do you ask?" Tsuna said looking at Takeshi.

"You don't seem like yourself well like how you act since we moved to Italy." Ryohei said voicing the others thoughts.

"Ahaha I thought you would of picked it up sooner then now." Tsuna chuckled with a smirk.

"What do you mean Bossu?" Chrome asked confused.

"Well my mother doesn't know who I've become these past years all she knows is I'm still oblivious like the mask I put up before the ceremony five years ago. Why not make her believe that until the time is right?" Tsuna asked tilting his head slightly his smirk widening. 'Reborn has really
rubbed off on you.' Everyone thought.

"He was my tutor for years." Tsuna said startling them. 'Damn Spartan!' They thought again getting a chuckle from Tsuna.

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