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Ok so I'm making a new VHOPE fanfic called "sHE is mine" so please read summary below and go read the prologue that is out and vote and comment on it and add the story to your reading list: Kim Taehyung is a new student at his high school but here's the thing...
He isn't enrolled as a guy.
Due to reasons, he has to enroll as a girl along with his twin sister, Taeli(yes v has a twin in this cuz why not)
Even though Taehyung is dressed up as a girl and has a thing on his throat to make him sound like a girl cuz we all know he doesn't, he hangs out with 6 other guys.
Where one of them ends up falling for him thinking he is a her.
What will happen now??
Read and enjoy
(Just so you guys know, in this futuristic set world, boys can get preggo too ;))
So that's the summary, pls go read the fanfic regularly!

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