Today was your first day of dance class. You had signed up a few weeks ago and your got a call yesterday saying classes start today.You got up and went stright into the shower. when you was done you got dressed it what they told you to witch was sweatpants and a lose shirt.Then you put your hair up in a messy bun.

Your still had a hour till you had to be there so you decided to make yourself brakfast .

When you got down cooking and eating you left to go to dance class.

When you got there a girl came up to you and introduced herself. 

Her name was Danielle.

We had so much fun learning to dance together. When class was over i was kinda upset because i liked being there.

I was about to walk out the door when Danielle called my name

I turned around and she was running up to me. When she got to me she stoped .

Danielle:hey, do you want to come meet my boyfriend and his friends. I'm going over there and i don't want to be the only girl there.

Me:yea ill come 

We walked to her car and got inside.

Danielle:I'm not trying to sound stupid or anything but will you promise me somthing?

me:yea. what it is?

Danielle:promise me you wont try anything with my boyfriend?

me:i would never do that. I'm not like that. i had my boyfriend cheat on me with my best friend so i know how it feels and i wouldntwant you to feel that.

Danielle:i trust you now. but its just that my last so called friend tried to do that but Liam didn't do anything with her tho.

me:so Liam is the boyfriend ..i said with a laugh.

Danielle:yup she smiled.

Danielle:okay were here. and just to worn you there are 5 boys. 1s mine and 2 others have girlfriends. so the other 2 are going to try to hit on you.

me:why would they hit on me....i mean look at me.

i was really insecure with my self.

Danielle:are you for real. you fucking beautiful!. 

me:thanks but i don't agree.

Danielle:fine. you'll see.


next thing i new she dragged me out of the car and took me inside 

all 5 boys were staring at me

Danielle:how many of you think this girls ugly. be honest. 

no body said anything.


anyway this is Liam Louis Zayn harry and Niall.

harry:why did u ask if we think shes ugly?

Danielle:because she said she was.

harry came up to me and looked down at me and put his hands on my shoulders.

him:you are beautiful. your so perfect. how could you possiblely think your ugly?

me:i just am. 

harry:no your not. your amazing. you have the most beautiful eyes your body is perfect. your just perfect. 

me:thanks i said looking down blushing.