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You yelped  as you were engulfed by red magic and slammed against a pillar. You yelped as you felt pain shoot throughout your body. A dark chuckle sounded and a red eye showed. You cringed as you got squeezed by the magic and it pushed you into the pillar more. A tear left your eyes and a whimper came from you. The magic loosened a bit but not by much.

"I-I trusted you!" You screamed

The chuckle again "That was your first mistake kiddo~"

You let the tears falling no longer caring what he thought. "I HATE YOU!!!" you screamed, venom bitter in you voice

"D O E S  I T  L O O K  L I K E  I  C A R E, F R I S K?" 

Your body is slammed several times against the pillar over and over again. You felt a warm liquid run down your neck and the back of your head. You felt yourself start to go numb and you started to slip. A weary chuckle is heard and your eyes slowly close. As you slip you hear a faint, I'm sorry, and then everything goes black.

Don't give up. Try again

Continue                                                                                           Restart


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