Chapter 3 (REDO)

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A/N: So this is pretty much a redo to make this third chapter a little longer so I hope you guys like it! It gets spicy! 😉

Mark's P.O.V

I hear the bus engine hiss as it stops at its stop outside my house. The next thing I hear is someone yelling.
"What the hell?..." I asked myself as i stood up and walked to the door. The door opened with a click and I look at who was making the ruckus. My eyes widen in shock as I looked at the small, petite, skinny jean, band tshirt wearing, green haired Irishman.
"Jack?" I ask after a few moments of staring. He looks up from what looked like a small puddle and smiles warmly.
"Hey Marki." My body instinctively ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his small waist, hugging him tightly. He hugged back with the same amount of strength as I did. You can pretty much say we were holding onto each other for dear life.

"Jack, why are you- why are you here?" I ask, trying my best to hold my tears back as much as possible.
"I wanted to see ye!" He yelled happily as he ruffled my pink hair.
"Ho-how long are you staying for?"
"Two er three weeks, er whenever ye get tired of me!" He smiled.
"I'm never going to get tired of you, Jack."
"I don't know laddie, a lot a people do!" I love how he's almost always so chipper and bright.

"Well, I don't. Let's get your stuff inside and unpacked. Then let's play something or watch some movies." I said as I took the heaviest of his suitcases. He put his hand on mine that was on the suitcase.
"Ye don't haff to take that one." I smiled.
"But I'm gonna!" I said happily.
"Ok Markimoo!" He smiled back.

        -Time Skip (After Jack's Stuff Was Unpacked)-

Jack's P.O.V.

"Alright, so I have; Avitar (the blue guys), Jurassic World, The Interns, Apollo 13 and Journey To The Center Of The Earth."(Those are some of my favorite movies ^w^ I'm a little nerd! X3) Mark said as he placed the movies in a straight line on the black, wooden coffee table. I scanned over them with my right index finger placed on my chin. I chose Avatar to start us off with as I picked it up and gave it to Mark, our fingers brushed slightly against each other's for a brief moment and we both flinched. I slowly took my hand away from the case and found the little string on the hem of my shirt very interesting at the moment. I could feel that Mark's gaze was still on me.
I lifted my head back up to watch him as he turned, bent over, and pressed a button on the BlueRay player and popped the disk onto the tray and pushed it back in. My eyes were glued to his ass the whole time as dirty fantasies started to travel through my mind.
He turned back around and I smiled to him, he smiled back as he sat down on the left side of the two seated couch. For some reason, I've always loved to sit on the right side of everything. Mark grabbed the remotes for both the TV and the DVD player and turned the volume up. He hit the play button on the remote and the movie started as he sat back onto the couch and got comfortable next to me.
About 15 minutes later, Mark put his arm onto the headrest of the couch behind my head. I blushed and shifted a little bit closer to him cautiously. An hour later, Mark had fallen asleep with his head on my shoulder. I looked down at his sleeping form and lightly chuckled. His glasses had fallen into my lap and his hair was sticking out in some places. I then remember him saying that he was a very heavy sleeper and could probably sleep through an 8.5 magnitude earthquake. So, I slowly raise my arm that he was sleeping on and wrapped it around his back as I slowly laid down onto the arm rest of the couch, pulling Mark with me. Once I was done, he was nestled between the couch and me with his face facing my own and my arms wrapped around him. I take a real good last look at his face as I shut my eyes for a little while.
       I wake up to clinging arms, squirms and pants of breathe.
"Mark?" I ask with my hard 'R' as usual. All I got was a moan in response.
"Mark, are you o- aah!" My sentence was interrupted as a hand found its way down to my crotch. I look down to see Mark's big hands groping me slowly, I look back up to see that his eyelids were still shut. He was asleep still? I panted as my hand slides onto his.
"M-Mark..." My eyes were now half lided as I felt myself getting really excited about this gorgeous man touching me so passionately.
"Fuck... Aah... Jack..." He panted out in what sounded like a very dominant way.
'Mark's dreaming of me in this way? Dear god... Has my wish come true?' I thought to myself as I licked at my lips with my eyes on his hardening erection in his jeans.   My hand traveled to the growing bulge and squeezed lightly.
"Aah!" Mark flinched in pleasure from the grip of my hand, his eyebrows raised on his sexy face and his mouth was slightly open enough to pant and moan.
"Mark." The lust in my voice was very clear as I took hold of his face in my other hand. I rubbed a small circle onto his cheek with my thumb and brought my face a little closer towards his. Still palming his erection, I moved my mouth to his ear and bit onto it, it was the lust for my best friend slash idol taking me over. The tip of my tongue peeking out to to swirl around the inside of the cartilage of his right ear, he moaned and I moved my head back once again to look at his lips. My dick was about to pop from all of this excitement! I leaned in and placed my lips over his and slipped my tongue in. His taste. His taste was fucking amazing! I couldn't get enough, I wanted so much more! No... I wanted all of him! I gripped his dick harder than the first.
"Ngh, naahh!" Mark shouted as best he could with my tongue almost in his throat, he was in pure pleasure as he clung to me with his free hand. I pull back and just hug him tightly.
"J-Jack?" Mark asked. Wait. WHAT?! My eyes instantly shot open and I pulled back from my bear hug. My eyes are met with a sweaty, flushed Mark in a look of both shock and ecstasy.

A/N: Big ol' cliffhanger!! 😈 lol I hope this part is as long as it took to write! Anyway, enjoy the addition to the third chapter. Thanks again for all the support!

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