First of all, 5.5K reads and 438 votes?! Wow 0.0 Hopefully you guys continue to like and read this rant book!

Now, I know this is a little cliché in terms of rants. But who said that this rant book wasn't going to be the typical rant book? Nobody, so let's let off some steam, shall we?

ANYWAY, I think I mentioned this in my One Direction rant but why are most 1D fanfics fetish stories?! Like I look in my recommendations and literally the first thing I see is "Sex Lessons" or "Daddy Styles".

Those are legitimate titles, even I can't think of something as absurd as....that.

Also, the boy or girl celebrity castings are always:

- Zac Efron
- Lucy Hale
- Selena Gomez
- Andrew Garfield
- 1D (In fanfics)
- 5SOS (In fanfics)
- And finally, Taylor Swift as......THE BITCH/Head Cheerleader

Like seriously, just because Taylor has a wacky love life does not mean that she has to be the typical bitch.



Would it hurt to have a bit of variety in your cast of main characters? Like seriously. Avalon High (If you read the book) had a TALL GIRL for a main character. Yeah, the love interest was the star quarterback but he was nice and considerate and the cheerleader was literally the nicest person on the planet. Shallow sometimes and naive, yes. But my point still stands. Even my own OCs? They're freaking Indian. Well, Indo-British, but you get my fluffing point.

Most used names in this genre:

- Kylie
- Rose
- Taylor
- Josh
- Chad
- Emma
- Hunter
- You know the drill

Another cliche that I noticed in this genre is the bad boy trope. You know what I'm talking about: The boy acts like a total douche, the main girl hates him, they bicker a lot and share a lot of banter and they both fall in love. Then drama ensues, blah, blah, blah, you can pretty much guess the story line. I wouldn't have that much of a problem with this...if that wasn't every single book on Wattpad.

You know, this is one of the reasons why I unpublished "My Life of a Cinderella Story."

I'll admit that some stories like "The Cell Phone Swap" is bit of a guilty pleasure because the situation that they are put in is pretty unique.

But the rest of them in this COME ON

Will add more later but for now, this is what I got AHAHAHAHAH

Again, thank you so much for the reads, votes and/or comments! If you agree or disagree (hey, we all have our own opinions) comment below and let me know! And hey, if I find it interesting, I may even add it into the rant! :D

Until then, vote if you like puppies running around you like balls of fluff and sayonara! :D

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