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I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was my mom and she's calling to tell me to go home. I frowned, I didn't want to go yet but if I didn't she would yell at me. "I better get going," I told them. They nodded their heads, "See ya tomorrow?" I nodded my head and exited out the school.

~Next Day~

I was walking to Honoka's and Yukiho's place. When I got there Yukiho was already waiting outside for me. "Hey Yukiho, sorry I'm late." She smiled at me, "It's fine. Alisa isn't here yet so you're fine. Honoka left early because of student council stuff. We waited till Alisa arrived and the three of us walked to school. We walked through the gates of school me and Yukiho were talking while Alisa was on her phone. "Omg, look guys! It's Umi-senpai!!!" Alisa squealed with joy as she pointed at Umi. The two of us turned our heads to see Umi walking through the school gates. "UMI-SENPAI!!!!!!!" Alisa yelled across the school. Yukiho and I just facepalmed at her stupidity. I felt bad for Umi since she was being embarrassed by Alisa. Umi just looked shocked and embarrassed by all the people staring and whispering at her. Alisa ran at Umi and launched herself at her causing them to fall. Yukiho and I just walked over there calmly and watched Alisa squeezing the life out of Umi. 

"Hey Alisa, I think you're killing her." Yukiho chuckled. Alisa blushed and stood up, holding her cheeks as they burned red. I sighed as Alisa was too busy being flustered than helping Umi up. I held a hand out for Umi and gave her a smile. She smiled back and took my hand, "Thanks (Y/N)." I nodded my head as a welcome. "Oh and (Y/N), here." Umi said and handed me a slip of paper. I read the slip of paper saying that I was accepted in the archery club. I grinned at her and gave her a huge hug, but not enough to knock her down. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!" I grinned. I looked up at her to see her face was flustered and that's when I remembered that she get flustered easily in physical contact. "Sorry." I apologized. Umi and I just kept on staring into each others eyes, not realizing how long we've been staring at each other.

"Hey, lovebirds! Sorry to break your moment but we gave to get to class." Yukiho teased. We blushed and looked away from each other. "I'm gonna go," I told her, scratching my neck nervously. "Okay. Is it ok if you come with me after school? There's archery practice after school and I was wondering if you wanna train with me." Umi blushed. I nodded my head then waving a goodbye.

"Someone's gotta crush." Yukiho teased. "Wh-what no I do-don't!!" Alisa exclaimed. Yukiho stared weirdly at Alisa, "I was talking to (Y/N)." "Oh." I looked at the both them weirdly, "Ok... then." "So do you (Y/N)? Hmmmm??" Alisa smirked. I scoffed at her, "I barely know here beside you two knew them longer." "Do you think she likes me?" Alisa asked. The both of us just shrugged at her question. 'I wonder who does Umi like anyways. I'll just ask her at practice.'

~Another timeskip because I'm lazy~

It was after school and I was waiting outside of the student council office for Umi. Once Umi came out of the room the both of us headed toward practice. "Hey Umi, do you like my friend?" I asked out of the blues. "Excuse me?" She asked a little confused about my question. "You know Alisa," I replied her. She just shrugged and walked on. When we got there she showed me around the place. "Here you can change into this uniform," She told me and handed me some clothes. I changed into the uniform, it was pretty cool actually.  I walked out to see that me and Umi had matching uniforms, I couldn't help but smile at that. "Awww Umi, did you give me this uniform so you could match with me?" I teased. She turned around and blushed hard. I was confused why she was blushing. I barely heard what she said, but all I heard was 'cute'. I blush at her comment and decided not to say anything else. 

"Just relax and release," She told me calmly. She was pressed close behind me while her hand was on top of mine. I felt my stomach turn as my breath hitched. "Release whenever you want," She whispered. I felt her hot breath touch my neck, causing me to blush. 'She's so close.' I gulped and relaxed against her touch. I took a deep breath and released the arrow. It hit directly on the target. I fist pumped the air with excitement and looked back at Umi. She gave me a pleased smile. "You're really good at this (Y/N). Have you done this before?" I shook my head. She nodded, "How about we hang out tomorrow. Not like practice, but get something to eat and talk?" I grinned and nodded my head.

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