Love of My Life(A Princeton Love Story) Chapter 1

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So for one thing, this is my FIRST story or whatever... So yea, don't judge me! Haha! Anyways, everybody is 17 in this story. You're name is Brittany, and you and your best friends are just in LOVE with Mindless Behavior. Your best friends names are Jazmyne, Shaylah, and Kristina. Everybody's in 11th grade, but that's besides the point... Okay, let's just get on with the story!

(Brittany's POV)

*Thinking to self*

So I'm in class just WAITING for this stupid bell to ring so I can GET out of here!!! Why is my History teacher so freaking BORING, yo?! It's a freaking FRIDAY for crying out loud!!! The day my singing and dancing career take off, THAT will be the day. But of course I can't forget my best friends! They're like my sisters. Since I'm the oldest, I gotta make sure that they don't do anything insanely ridiculous...

*Thoughts interrupted by teacher*

Mr. Carter: BRITTANY!!!! PAY attention!

Me: Oh, I'm sorry... Just thinking, that's all...

Mr. Carter: About getting out of here?

Me: Well, umm...

Mr. Carter: *Shakes head* Pay attention, Brittany...

Me: Yes, sir...

If you're wondering, yea... Mr. Carter isn't JUST my History teacher. He's like a freaking PSYCHIC!!!! He knows EXACTLY what goes on through my head! Unless I'm just too easy to read, I mean... It's kinda freaking me out. But that's just me...


Me:*Gets up and walks out the class* Thank GOD THAT'S over!!! Now I can get the hell HOME!!!

I was going to my locker, but I was stopped by my three lifelines. Also known as, my BEST FRIENDS!

Shaylah: AAAAYYYEEE!!!!! What's Gucci, Brittany?!

Jazmyne: Okay, Shaylah Imma need you to STOP doin that!

Shaylah: LOOK!!!! Don't get mad because you can't pull off what I CAN!

Jazmyne: Whatever Shaylah... WHATEVER!!!

Kristina: *Rolls eyes* Ya know, I'm so tired of y'all doin that though... Yall are gonna have to work on that...

Me: Y'all are TOO much!*laughs and gets stuff out of locker* I'll talk to y'all on Oovoo later or somethin. We've got A LOT to cover. Plus, I've got some news!!! But I want to show y'all!

Jazmyne: UUUGGGHHH!!!!!! You KNOW I hate surprises!!! Why do you always gotta torture me?!

Shaylah: *Giggles* Well I'll be waiting patiently unlike SOME people... **cough** JAZMYNE!! **cough** *Laughs*

Jazmyne: You know what-

Kristina: OKAAAAAY!!! Let's leave now, ladies!

Everybody nods and exits the school.


So I get in the house to see my mother CRYING?! So I walked over to her to see what was up.

Me: Mommy, what's wrong?!

Mom: My boyfriend just dumped me!!!

Me: Aww, it's okay!!! *In a heartless tone* You could've done better, ANYWAYS!

Mom: *Gives me a 'shut up' look* Get away from me...

Me: *Starts going upstairs* Aww, Te' amo Mommy! *Laughs and goes into my bedroom*

So I get upstairs and see that Kristina is trying to call me on Oovoo, so I pick it up to see her as well as Jazmyne and Shaylah.

Me: YO!

Shaylah and Jazmyne: *In unison* Sup?!

Me: Nothin much... Okay, so remember those dance and singing auditions we did for MINDLESS BEHAVIOR?!

Kristina: Yea, what about it? I thought we lost that to Ashley and them...

(Btw, Ashley is somebody who's just as obsessed with MB as they are... Now back to the story...)

Me: Well APPARENTLY, she lied... They never called anybody the next day...

Shaylah: Okay, but what does that have to do with anything?

Me: BECAUSE!!!! Keisha called me during lunch and told me that if our parents sign our contracts, then we can be MB's new backup singers and dancers!!!!

Everybody: *screams*

Jazmyne: FINALLY!!!! I get to spend time with my Honey Bun!!!!!

Everyone except Jazmyne: *Looks at Jazmyne* REALLY?!

Jazmyne: *Looks at them* WHAT?!

Kristina: *Rolls eyes* ANYWAYS!!!! So when do we leave?!

Me: Keisha's coming tomorrow with our contracts! So afterwards we'll be on our way! But y'all are gonna have to wake up at 7 if you don't want to miss this AWESOME opportunity!!!

Jazmyne: UGH!!! I HATE waking up that early! Shaylah, make sure to wake me up!

Shaylah: I got ya!

Me: Okay y'all, let's get some rest... We've got plans tomorrow!

Everybody: WHOOOOO!!!!

Me: Good night my sisters!*blows kiss*

Shaylah: Later chicas!*waves

Jazmyne: MWAH!*blows kiss*

Kristina: See y'all tomorrow!*waves*

*Everybody ends the conversation*

Me: *In thoughts* Wow... I CAN'T believe this... This is the chance of a LIFETIME, and I CAN'T blow it! I'll make sure to make my decisions wisely. But for right now, I need some rest!

*Out of thoughts and sleeping*

What's gonna happen TOMORROW?! Will everybody's parents agree to this, or will somebody get left behind? Will Jazmyne and her "Honey Bun"(Roc) hit it off like she plans? Guess we'll find out...

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