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Logan's Point of View:

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing, I growled and heard my door be pushed open by my little sister screaming for me to get up.

"Brother time to get up!" She yelled jumping onto my bed.

"Crystal, I will now go downstairs." I said groaning.

I watched her jump off my bed and ran out the door. I slowly got up and pulled on a black shirt, the scars on my chest hurt and got my good pair of jeans and my black Nikes. I went downstairs to see Crystal eating pancakes, I walked over to her a kissed her head and stole a bite of pancake.

"Thats my pancake Logan!" She whined, she looked up at me with a pout on her lip.

"I love you Crystal." I said walking out the door to my Dodge Charger. I got in driving to school.

I got out of the truck and walked into the school, going straight to my locker, and noticed half of my pack on the other side of the school. So me being Alpha I walked over to them, they heard me and looked up at me. I looked at what they were staring at and it was a Boy, well a teenager he was small he was curled up in a ball trembling.

"What happen to him?" I growled at them, and noticed someone wasn't there. My Beta Mason.

"Where's Mason?" I growled again using my Alpha voice. My little cousin Haden stepped forward and looked at me and I nodded for him to talk.

"Well Mason sensed you coming and ran, because he knew he would get in trouble for beating up a pack member." He said looking at the Boy. Pack member, how could this kid be in my pack.

"What's your name little one?" I asked softly, bending down to see him tighten his body together. "I'm not going to hurt you." I said see him look at me through his lashes.

"Con..nor." He said shuddering, I looked at my pack and used my mind link, leave go to class, don't ever bother him again, with that they left.

"It's nice to meet you Connor, I think you need to see the pack doctor." I said looking at his body.

I walked closer to him and he trembled. His face was bloody and cut, the way he held his side, Mason must have of kicked him. He is going to pay for this, he knows the rules, this was bad, he ran away from me.

"Can you walk Connor?" I asked, grabbing his arms and picked him up, sparks ran through our bodies, he gasped and so did I. He shook his hand 'no', I put a hand under his legs and one under his back, he groaned in pain and my chest was hurting, because none touches me.

"Why did Mason do this to you?" I asked with a little frustration in my voice.

"Because.. I'm gay.. And he felt threatened by that, he punched me, kicked me." He said whimpering as the pain kept going through his body. I felt a deep growl come out from my wolf, as he didn't like that our beta would do this to a pack member.

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