Chapter 25

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I woke up as normal and got dressed in white jeans and a big blue sweater. I put my hair in a messy bun and got my bag and went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw carlos in there and sighed.

"Hey rose i want to ask.." i cut him off my putting my hand up. I got an apple and walked out of the house to my car. I drove to school and parked my car.

I went inside to my locker and got my maths book and went to my class.


It was lunch now and i was bored and tired.

I went inside the cafeteria and sat down on my table at the back. Skylar and jake went to go and get their lunch.

"Hey liya can i talk to you" brandon said walking up to me and i nodded. I followed him out the caferteria to the hall.

"Yeh" i asked turning to him.

"I wanted to ask if yoi have told anyone about me" he said and i shook my head.

"Brandon you can trust me. I haven't told anyone at all" i said

"Oh. Okay and whats wrong with you and carlos. I just don't understand it. I know you wouldn't cheat on him" he said and i sighed.

"Its complicated" i said and he smirked

"Why do you think most people are not in relationships" he said and i started laughing.

"Thats so true" i said laughing just as jake walked towards me.

"Liya i need to talk to you" he said and held my hand.

"I'll see you later liya bye" brandon said and walked away.

Jake pulled me into a janitors closet and pushed me against the wall.

"What are you doing jake. Let me go" i said trying to move his arms

"Your mine okay. I don't want you talking to that guy again" he whispered harshly

"Jake what are you talking about. You said you changed and let me go" i said and he moved his hands and chuckled

"Your really stupid liya. I played the innocent card for a couple of days and your back with me" he said and i was shocked

"Your not my boyfriend anymore jake. I break up with you right now at this moment." I said

"Oh what you think its that easy. You break up with me and i'll make sure something happens to carlos. Something bad. I know you like him." Jake said smirking

"Don't you dare jake. Leave carlos out of this. Why are you doing this" i said to him and he chuckled

"I love you liya. A lot. And i want you to all myself. No one else" he said

"Your fucked up" i said just as the bell went.

"Remember what i said babe" he said smirking and walked out.

School was over and i quickly drove home. When i got there i went upstairs to my room and closed the door behind me.

Carlos tried talking to me in class but i ignored him. I laid in bed and just stared at the ceiling.

Why would jake do that?
Why would carlos cheat on me?
Why do i still like carlos?
These questions were going around in my head and i tried to find an answer. Especially the last one.
Hey guys
Hope you like this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

I hate jake. Ahhhh.
I feel sorry for liya. She has so many un-answered questions...


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