Chapter 24

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I woke up to my head killing me. Not literally.

I sighed and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I had a shower and wrapped a towel around myself and went to my closet. I wore jeans and a white top and put my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs to the kitchen.

In the kitchen was carlos. And i remember exactly what happened in the party yesterday. That fucking asshole i thought and made some toast for myself.

"Is it true" i heard carlos say behind me

"What" i said turning around and looked at him.
He held a picture of me and jake holding hands and jake pulling me out of the party.

"I don't need to explain to you" i said and got my toast out and spread butter on them.

Carlos turned me around and held me by the shoulders.

"Why did you go with him" he asked narrowing his eyes at me. I pushed him away and got my toast.

"Why did you kiss jasmine" i said and started walking out the kitchen but he stopped me. Again.

"Rose. What the fuck are you on about. I didn't do anything like that" he said

"Fuck you carlos. Stop lying to me. I saw it okay" i shouted at him and walked out the house to my car.

I sighed and drove to school and parked at the top. I started walking inside ignoring all the rumours about me cheating on carlos. He fucking started it i thought as i opened my locker and put my books inside.

"Hey liya" skylar said opening her locker

"Hey" i said and closed my locker and leaned on it.

"I heard what happened. I mean i know you didn't cheat on carlos and its just rumours. Right" she said and closed her locker

"He cheated on me. With jasmine" i said just as jake walked towards me. He smiled and hugged me then held my hand while everyone is the hall was staring.

"Hey liya." He said just as carlos walked into the hall.

"Double shit" someone shouted and ran out the hall.

Carlos looked at me for second and then walked past and i sighed.

"Shall i walk you to class" jake asked and i shook my head.

"No. Bye" i said and walked to my english class

School was finally over and i wanted to kill myself. Not really though.
Lunch was the worst. I had sat on a different table and when i looked at carlos table, there he was kissing jasmine.

And everyone called me the cheater. I'm mean i did explain to them but you can't shut the school up can you?

I sat in my car and drove home. When i got there i went straight to my room. I changed into leggings and a white shirt and laid down on my bed.

I talked to my mom and the jess. I didn't tell jess about what happened or about carlos. When it was 6 i went downstairs to eat dinner. I helped megan set the table out in silence. When everyone came downstairs for dinner, i sat on my chair and put a little pasta on my plate.

"Thats all your going to eat liya" megan asked and i nodded

"Hey liya. Don't believe the rumours. We know you didn't cheat on him" nick said to me and i sighed as megan and kayden's heads turned to us.

"What are you talking about nick" megan asked him

"Nothing mom" nick said after i kicked him under the table.

"Luke you tell me" she asked luke

"Well there's rumours around school that liya cheated on carlos but we don't believe it. I mean liya is a nice girl" luke said and i smiled.
I am a nice girl. I thought as megan looked at carlos.

"Carlos do you think liya cheated on you" megan asked

"Well there is proof. And she kept saying stuff like i have two boyfriends" carlos said glaring at the table.

"For gods sake. I was talking about netflix and my bed. Errr i hate you carlos" i said and stood up and walked out the dining room. I went upstairs to my room and closed the door and leaned on it.

I didn't cheat on carlos. He did it first
Hey everyone
Hope you like this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

Carlos doesn't think he kissed jasmine. Thats stupid right? Has he forgotten....

We liked you carlos and you messed up. Oh nooo.


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