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due to previous events, many people have been copying this story and changing up MINOR details. i will point out my story is copyrighted : all rights reserved. therefore, this story, my idea, and my plot, all belong to me.

this also means you are NOT allowed to copy this story changing 'small, minor details' to take credit as your own.

if you are unfamiliar with what all rights reserved meant, this is what it clearly states on wattpad's help center:

All Rights Reserved

The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work. In some ways, you have total control over your story, but since copyright doesn't give you a complete monopoly, others can still use your story in certain ways, by including short excerpts in reviews and recs, creating fanart or covers for you, etc.

that does not include taking my story's plot and making it your own, does it?

if i DO see that someone has a similar or exact copy of this book, i will kindly message you to take it down. if you begin to say that you didn't copy my story, i will not hesitate to call you out, if i must. so please, just don't do it. and if you do, just take it down.

and i hate to have to post this, especially because i never thought i would ever have a problem with this on my account. all i do is say "originality is key!" yet people still copy my story.

EDIT: hello so yeah brenna's age is kinda young in this story but keep in mind i wrote this like 2-3 years ago when shawn WASN'T 19 so no i'm not promoting gross shit or anything like that! but yeah just wanted to make that VERYCLEAR .  also this story is 100% cringe so read with caution and plz dont roast me i was like 14-15 years old when i wrote this and i swear i wasnt a delusional muffin stan


thank you, i hope you enjoy the story.


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