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   Mr. S was really nice to me, he always made me happy. I liked him better than my actual parents, he took me from them when I was 4 because he said that they were bad people.

Sometimes, he would whip me, but he had a good reason to, sometimes I would misbehave or I would ask too many questions or get distracted easily. He whipped me according to how old I was. If I misbehaved now, I would have to go through 19 whips, thank goodness I'm not bad.

Sometimes, I wondered what it was like outside... Mr. S didn't tell me much, but I wouldn't want him to get mad at me and hurt me. But either way, living with Mr. S was great, and I will never want that to change.



So basically me being me, also known as being a big dumb, I forgot to say that this whole book is triggering. If you are not comfortable with, r.ape scenes, blood and gore then I advise you to leave. Now. Don't even read this book. This is extremely dangerous and what happened to Brendon happened to the three women in the Cleveland Kidnapping. (They are so strong, bless them.) If I see any joking around here, about the milk fic or anything extremely inappropriate dealing with rape. I will have you removed and blocked from my account and muted. You have been warned.


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