Chapter 8 - The Predator Becomes The Prey

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So be4 reading this you HAVE to go back to the other chapter cus if u don t most of this is not going to make sense, I edited and added a bit of action and magic to the chapter (so check out the last page)

 - Chapter 8 -

The Predator Becomes The Prey

Its already been a few hours that I'm wondering around London. I was tired, thirsty, hungry and lost.

I was also incredibly confused as I paced around in the midday heat, the sun rays hitting my skin, slowly draining my energy.

What had happened at the Black's?

That whiteness was unexplainable, it just... happened...

I made my way in a park were in big brass letters was written Hyde Park, as I made my way through different memorials and flowers I pondered on that strange whiteness and that wind, it had felt good and bad at the same time, like when you are under a jet of scorching hot water, you love it and you hate it at the same time.

It had felt almost the same as when I wrecked Mr. Cromwell's bakery, only this time it was more powerful, last time it was only a breath of what I could really do… this time… this time it was almost exploding out of me, and it felt like I knew what to do and at the same time I didn’t.

I was also hurt by Sirius’s heartless kicking out and James’s simple good-bye he didn’t even try to stop me…

Lost in my own thoughts I wondered around the park until my feet were sore, and only than I sat down as the sun was finally lowering behind the distant tree tops. A fresh breeze ruffled my unruly hair, freeing some chestnut strands from the ponytail sitting on top of my head.

As confused and hurt thoughts run through my tired mind, I watched life go by. A young mother holding her weeping son by the hand as he trashed and screamed because he didn’t want to leave, an old couple strolling by their faces masks of pain and happiness, a couple walking in the park hand in hand, a young boy walking his dog, a business man power-walking down the alleyway, frantic to get back home after a day of hard work.

What I didn’t see was men and women in robes, concealing wands inside their pockets or up their sleeves. Magic might sound cool but after the numerous rants and monologue that took part in my brain the real answer was: no, magic wasn’t cool, it caused problems, discrimination and jealousy.

And now because of that discrimination I was in the streets, abandoned by my only friends in an unknown city, with no food, no shelter, and no company.

This thought brought tears in my eyes, what will I do? Will I die of starvation? Will I be able to board the Hogwarts Express before it’s too late?

But I didn’t let the tears fall, despite my low spirits I had to stay strong and face whatever life threw at me, that’s one of the major life lesson I had learned in my eleven years of living.

Sighing, I lay down on the bench wrapping my coat tightly around while hugging my bag to my chest, preparing myself for an uncomfortable, cold night’s sleep.

A I watched the stars slowly appear, and the moon rising with its pure white rays, I let wariness take over with only one thought in my mind.

Whatever will be, will be.

“She’s out, it’s time for the show to begin!”

“OK, but… You sure it’s her?”


What was up these days, can’t a girl get a good night’s sleep without being woken up by whispers and frantic tones?

Instinctively, I searched around me using only two senses: smell and hearing.

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